Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Suit fit for a Rubbish Ball

I had forgotten about this wee gem, but it is a bit too awesome to leave forgotten.

The Queenstown Science Conference includes a fashion show for science geeks - 'fashionomics' where everything has to be made from stuff found in your lab.  The Baby One (TBO) was in Queenstown for the whole conference and wanted to enter in an outfit for it (we only arrived at the end of the week for the Development satellite) so we decided on a bit of a tophat/suit tails/pimp cane combo.

I took some measurements and drew up a bit of a draft and then just set to chopping.
My shape, his numbers - weird

Now, I reasonably frequently free-sew my own skirts and have done a couple of shirts and dresses so am quiet used to faking my own pattern - TBO is tall and very skinny - the altered dimensions completely blew my mind, I guess you never really think about a persons body dimensions until you try to sew something for them.

Of course, in this context I mean 'sew' like I mean 'masking tape that shit'.

The back was easy, as were the tails and the front.  I helpfully had a silver sharpie on hand to free draw the pattern on the plastic.  Lucky, cause nothing else worked.
Bits of sack everywhere

The arms were a complete nightmare, especially since I was using 2 layers of trash sack for strength and had to tape up inside and outside.  Of course I did this after I attached it to the body.
Aww - look at those cute toesies

And, considering the how and the what of, the finished tailcoat was epic - slightly short on shoulder width, but then what do you expect when you make something free-hand without your model present to try that shit on as you go?  Not quite traditional, and some sneaky pockets, just for fun:
All class here, baby

So drop me a line the next time you need a tailcoat made out of rubbish bags, I'm your girl.  Awesome good fun.

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