Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Scientists' join the Occupy Movement

With this delightful gem:
"Brandie Cross held the sign. She is in the 5th year of a PhD program in biochemistry at The Johns Hopkins University. Her speciality is breast cancer, a traditionally well-funded specialty. But she’s sure her job prospects are dim. “I’d like to start my own biotech company. I have tons of inventions, and I want to be funded by NIH. But there’s no money."

You have tons of inventions?  Jeese girl, good for you.  What about us research plebs who don't have dreams of big pharma or biotech startups?  Who want to be Uni-moles forever and ever into a glorious academic sunset?

The article, by Marc Kuchner, contains other interesting stuff - like the general lament of the scientist dreaming of more funding.  Shockingly - Texas and Florida are threatening the shutting down of their Physics Depts, which blows my mind.  How?!  WTF, man!

And this:

"Studies show that only half of U.S. adults can correctly answer the basic question: How long does it take for the Earth to go around the Sun?"


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