Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Fav Cake

Last weekend I went nuts with the orange boiling, the week before had been a bit crap and I vented with baking therapy.  I had seen Nigella make this delightful creation one worried night, and knew it had to be tried. (I was a bit revolted - pith?! Had to try it)

Called a Clementine Cake in this instance, you boil whole citrus for 2 hours then purée the lot with ground almond, sugar, eggs and a wee dash of baking powder.  No flour to speak of, which pleased the angry-guts-Mother when I was raving about it, so I'm sure she'll be making it quicksmart.  I remember sampling another such cake at the French Bakery here in Dunedin with my lovely Nana way back when, in the sunlit years of my undergrad.  I remember her asking for the recipe and the baker refusing - only telling of the boiled oranges part.    I just need to find a cheaper source of ground almonds - and we'll be trying boiled lemons next.  Oooo and I bet it will be better than the bigsibs sour cream lemon syrup cake.  Mwahahahaha.


It was also so good we did not pause to take a photo.  As soon as it was cold the big one was cut up (such a shame - I had boiled too many oranges, enough for two cakes) and sampled, the rest was then squirrelled away in the freezer for a rainy day.  The other was fed to the ravenous lab-beast (students) and I'm pretty sure this is my new fav - overtaking the cream cheese pound cake in the cake-stakes.

This photo is from the food-Madam's site, and please note the sinking in the middle - mine did not sink nearly so much :D
Rock on lovelies!  (and pop in for some cake, emergency cuppa supplies are high right now)


  1. I was tempted to buy some to continue my macaron baking, but thought I might be going a bit overboard..

  2. Woman! You have no idea what you have just done! (I think I love you :D)