Thursday, October 20, 2011


Went to see Real Steel last week with The Married One's other-half-which-appreciates-good-cinema and the labs baby PhD student (and his delightful plus one).
I really liked it.  Best part?  The gorgeous kid dancing with Atom.  Loved it.  Plus some epic beats.  (yeah, I'm cool enough).  I say bring in that shit to replace boxing now - I would pay to see that shiz for fun.

Plus, you know, Logan:
Mmmm.  Yup.

Last night The Authoress-plus-one (not that sort of plus one, mind) stuck in Away We Go
Also loved it - brill normal movie (as opposed to my love of the above, plus comic-adapts).  Beautiful story, completely lovely soundtrack, very funny in parts - a good one to watch with the parents, and it didn't engage my gag reflex (directly tied to chick flicks and sappy disgusting romances (as opposed to the epic ones - like P&P...sigh)).  Awesome actors chosen to fill the roles, I think I fell in love with Burt a little bit.
Love her coat

Definitely one I'd watch again.  Wow - high praise.

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