Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kitchen Orienteering

I was having a wee muse today about the differences in baking in different places.  Up in Mum's kitchen, while a whole new set up from the version I grew up with, things are still kept in logical places - I guess the way you set up your first kitchen is they way you set up your kitchens for life.  So while baking is not the easy, fast, free-flow sitch it is in my own well known kitchen, things are still manageable in a timely fashion.  And I know my Mum will always have click-clacks full of every ingredient (though these days the flour comes in a bag, rather than the epic sack).

I can have a cake whipped up in moments, and in the oven before I feed the dog (usually as soon as the clock strikes 5, I don't know who taught dogs to tell the time, but I curse you and your descendants).  Every utensil, I can reach for in the dark, every ingredient I have on stock in both cupboard and fridge (its not deliberate, I just always have on hand a bit of butter, some eggs, flour, baking powder...yeah, actually my cupboard is pretty full).

I suppose the encroaching horror of packing up my house (full of crap.  I swear to god - I hoard like a squirrel) has me thinking in dark and nostalgic directions already.  I will miss my easy-bake kitchen something fierce.

However shall I cope?!

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

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