Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heartbreak Cake

Last week I made Nigella's Heartbreak Cake (lets not read too much into this, people) just 'cause I felt like it.

Called Chocolate Fudge Cake, it gives a delightfully moist cake with a decent chocolate flavour without crossing into the ridiculous, nor being boring chocolate spongeness - somewhere in the middle.

Definitely a good cake for heartbreak.
I have avoided chocolate cakes for an age, the last ones I made were all coma-cakes (full block of choc in the batter, full block in the ganache icing - hence the coma) or nasty brown boring dry cake with no texture or depth of flavour.  Also - chocolate cake sometimes is so overdone...almost, cliché.


Yeah, not a fan.  But this cake is a keeper, not a fav, but a good'un.  It has a lot of water in the batter - and a delightful sour cream/egg mix which was lovely to make.  Stupid amounts of butter in the icing.  I also managed to avoid my tendency to overcook - (the skewer might come out clean, but the cake looks wibbly! More heat!) and have a slightly fudgy, but not raw middle.  10 points for learning from mistakes!  I was also in no hurry and cooled in-tin and without for decent amounts of time - no icing on warm cakes people. 

Good, progress is good.

Good times.  (Not really: if the chocolate cake recipes come out, you know we have issues to work through, but pretending makes life easy, yeah?).

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