Friday, October 14, 2011


So last weekend I laxed out in the sun for a bit and stayed up far too late reading, but still churned through another two YA books I've been meaning to read (yeah, yeah - my reading is lazy at the mo, but YA fiction is so much more delightful than some of the new adult fiction - too much stupid, not enough childlike imagination; which doesn't make sense 'cause its not like the authors themselves are not adult, just some of them...suck)

Anyway - another of Scott Westerfeld's novels, Peeps - a vampire story, but not like any you've read before.  Very parasite and biology oriented, every even chapter is a discussion on a different parasite, gross, amazing fascinating stuff.  Vivid imagery - old swimming pools squirming and pulsating with hundreds of rats and so on.  Perhaps not a good book for the weak-of-stomach.  Lovely twist on the "natural vampire" tale too.  Short, gross, gravelly read.

A while back I wrote about the book and movie 'I am number four' from the Lorien Legacies, well the sequel came out and has been chillin' on my floor ever since, finally picked it up and churned through it - quite a lovely continuation of the story.  The Power of Six, by Pittacus Lore.  (Actual authors James Frey & Jobie Hughes)

Did not feel stretched at all and I am left quite looking forward to the next instalment.  I particularly enjoyed the part where, in the last book Henri told John that people from his world only fell in love once, with one person - and it was for life.  In this book we find John (Four) lusting after Six but convincing himself that its nothing and he still loves the human girl, Sarah.  We then we find that Henri was a romantic and might have stretched the truth *coughliedcough* a bit and John just doesn't know what to do.  Hilarious.  Good, chilled out, quick read for SciFi fans.  I like the lack of despair and hopelessness which pervades depressing adult genre books, things just seem to work out for the best for each protagonist and you are left feeling quite satisfied with the state of things at the end.  Unlike bloody CH who leaves you hanging on bloody meat hooks  *grumblegrumble*

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