Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Animals

There was a prophecy made, a million years ago, most likely by the Hogwarts founders.  This prophecy concerned...

The Destroyer.
Found him.

Thus animal Saturdays pass in my household.  I have been collecting toy stuffing again, to send up to Trouble's Nana - so she can sew up a new toy and recycle the guts.  I might have snuck in a couple of his favourite feet - torn off toy footsies which he walks around with in the evenings whimpering, because they are so precious he cannot decide where is safe enough to stash them.

They usually end up poked in between my pillows.

So you can see why I covertly steal the little bastards.  In a rare moment of relaxed cooperation, I snapped this:
My three favourite animals.

Christ but its getting chilly.  Maybe we will see some of that forecast snow after all.

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