Friday, September 9, 2011

RWC viral infection

I hadn't thought I'd bother following it, but I find myself in front of the idiot box, surrounded by sleeping animals (all black animals, coincidence?!  Yes, of course - but hilarious), with a glass of milk and some jelly beans (don't judge me, I'm awesome.  And because you were dying to know - the green, orange and white ones are my favs) with a flag up on the wall and the game blaring out.  Didn't really care enough to arrange a viewing with friends, but maybe it would have been fun...

I doubt anyone can refrain from chanting the haka under their breath, or sing the words to the anthem, or avoid a little heart flutter at kickoff.  And to be perfectly honest, least you think I actually care about the sport, I am also on my computer (obviously - gosh, are you on the slow juice today or what?), and these are the main reasons for my captured interest:

Number 1: Richie McCaw
Lovely person, son of Canterbury and with a

Number 2: Dan Carter
...'nuff said.

Number 3: Sonny Bill Williams
Heh.  'nuff...said? (Ooooo but I like a good inkin'...)

Number 4: Anthony Boric.
Complete sweetheart.  A perfect 2m tall, and 28yo, and a bachelor of engineering... ok, so we can't have everything!  Sheesh!

All right, I'll go back to not objectifying men tomorrow OK?  I promise.

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