Monday, September 12, 2011

Nooooooooo not the end of the 'Blood!

I have it, but I am hesitating the start - if I start then I will watch it, and then it will be watched - and over.  We are having a dinner party tomorrow night to watch the final all together, but my first run-through I stop for giggles, screen caps and notes, none of which I think would be appreciated by the crowd.

I guess I should just jump in...

True Blood S04E12, Season Finale, last SPOILERS, sweeties *sob*
sonofabitch! Look!
2 minutes of intro and funeral, and then this.  You punk kids think you are so goddamn funny!
*grumblegrumble* gets off rocking chair to throw a cat *grumblemutter*

You suck hairy donkey zombie balls!
Looks like I'll be watching it with the crowd tomorrow after all.  It might serve me right.  Maybe.

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