Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Vampire Sweethearts

Are heading back into the closet for the year.

I shall miss our weekly trysts, although they have not always been good, they have been entertaining.

I have been drawing out this final read through, because tonight, it is officially over.  (what new avenue of escapism shall I employ?!  I miss my Eric already!  Though he has not been on top form this whole season, to be honest...maybe it is time I move on.  Maybe read the books though one more time... )

True Blood S04E12, final SPOILERS, sweeties, though we are so late it hardly matters.

First impressions: anticlimax abound, epic setup for S05, and very clean stitching of several plot lines - though the Tommy Micken's end will perhaps remain my favourite.

"He was a devious little son of a bitch, but somewhere in there he had a good heart."

I just have to say the whole "Eat your breakfast.  I know its not *whatever deliciousness something pigfat something you make*...but I worked hard on it"  is such a fucking emotionally manipulative piece of bullshite, I want to slap Jesus about his smug little face for having the condescending gall to utter it.  Lala (ignoring the Marnie-possession for the mo) can eat or not eat his godamn breakky whether he wants to or not, without any directive from Jesus - he is not his mother, Lafayette is not 5 years old.  And even then , if you have to resort to such borderline passive aggressive, condescending, emotional manipulation to get your kids to eat, you are doing something very fucking wrong.

Bit of a pet peeve there.  So I was quite happy with this:
Eat your own godamn runny eggs Jesus.

What on earth, is the point in having a creamer if you pour the whole lot into the first cup you make?  And you didn't stir the sugar!  Honestly Sookie, what kind of southern gentlewoman did your grandmother raise?!
There is no way to crop this to get rid of the cleavage.  Sorry.

Sam's rocking style - tie and suit jacket over a shirt with...two breast pockets?!
Do'in it cowboy style.

I love that Hoyt lays into Jason, keeping it inside would have been so much worse for him.  I also love that Jase took it - and he deserved to, the silly little boy.

I get the feeling next season Lafayette is going to have to deal with the crazy brujo left inside of him, I doubt it left with Marnie.  That'll be some dark fun and games.  Brilliant acting though, a beautiful facsimile of Marnie's mannerisms at times.
The robe really makes it.

I felt guilty for thinking that Arlene's daughter was actually knocked up for all of two seconds.  Then I remembered she was something like 10, and it was supposed to be Halloween.  I can't even begin to imagine a mothers horror at a daughter emulating such a TV character.
Portents of the trailer in your future?

Oh Terry, if only you had seen your buddies face fall.  Just what were you getting up to in the army huh?
Hey, that guy!

Sookie!  Why are you not there all ready?!
Mmmmm.  You know, I'm pretty smart...

Mother Earth's Valium.  cough.  Yeah...  Props for the Wiccan first aid kit though Holly, esp on Samhain.  Never know when you might need a shit load of salt, and its not like the purse is heavy enough at the best of times.
Perhaps not the worst way to serve up a hot vamp or two.

It must be written in the Wiccan handbook that all vamps must be burnt at the stake with their shirts off.  Unless Marnie was a fan of the eye candy (honestly, who isn't?  The paragraph entitled 'sans pants' must have been destroyed unintentionally over the ages).

Morals and faith blah blah.  Anticlimax.  "We're all alone at the end".  Well - fuck.
"Excuse me!  We're feeling a little crispy up here."

Rene has well meaning news to impart?  How unexpected!  Nice twisty-McTwist ABall, fun things a'cumin huh?  A lesson we should all take from this shit - if you see a ghost standing a ways away, chatting to you - do not shut your eyes, cause they will always be right in front of your nose when you reopen.

Oh - forgodsake, are we really going to do this?
For shame, Jessica.  The cliché is just dripping off of you.

"I've watched him seduce supermodels and princesses and spit out their bones when he is finished.  How can someone named Sookie take him away from me?!"  Oh Pam!  My heart bleeds for you sweetie!
Eric better fix this first thing next season.  The bastard.

Ah - no.  She doesn't want you to stop.

Umm - matching robes?!  And that was a bit too eager there Eric, you little puppy dog, you (freaking hilarious though.  My laughter woke the dog up.).  Blah blah I'm determined to be miserable blah soppy awkward emotion blah blah.
That shit should be in your pillow sweetheart - esp when they can hear you.  Ok, so Lala actually squeezed a tear from my eye.  Lets not speak of this again.

"I'm sober.  I'm lonely.  And I can be good to someone.  If they let me."  Jesus Christ Andy!

"I just feel like if we are too cute and cheesey, God is gonna drop a brick on our heads."  Whoop!  You go, Luna!  Y'all coupled up gross people should take note.

"If you didn't like it, I can...take direction".  Oh Jason, pure, simple gold.  Minus man points for being needy and high maintenance after though.
Dude, the shoulder jerseys back! Bro!  He totally just checked out your package!

Oh man - good things, good things!
Bring back the spinal tap!

"Hi Nan.  And gay storm troopers."  "You should be kissing his ring"  "Why bother - when your tongues already so far up his ass"  "I saw the way you both looked at her - hungry puppy dogs, slobbering over the same juicy bone"

Such a look of surprise upon your face.  Golly but that ceremonial stake has come in handy a lot this season.

Oh.  My. God.  Was Tara's quivering lip just shot off?!  I know we've all been waiting for the Debbie shooting scene, but way to change things up ABall!  The goss is that Tara is changed by the first vamp to come running at Sookie's screams, but god I hope not!
Point blank shotgun to the face while sitting on her belly is a bit brutal, even for Sookie, wonder how long it will take her to get over that one?

And that's it.  What a marathon.  See you next year True Blood!  I hope I'm watching you from a connection offshore from my little country.

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