Monday, September 5, 2011

Juice Boxes for Vamps

Hello Sweeties, its been a couple of days - conference last week and subsequent w/e recovery period, but updates and plenty of gorgeous Central Otago pics to come, I promise!

But for now - the end-but-one, True Blood S04E11! Spoilers etc etc.
"Fucking Sookie!" At least Eric, Pam and Bill are in agreement over something important for once. And look at Jason - Sookie's own personal cheer squad. Who woulda' thought.
Pam's still looking a bit chunky 'round the gills, but the boys are in fine form. And of course, every bodies most favourite BAMF is back, throwing side-eye about like nobodies business:

Poor Luna, stupid Marcus in cohorts with Deebie-fucking-Pelt - making everyone's lives a nightmare. But look - Marcus is determined to win more flies with honey. I'm actually surprised, and he was reasonably sweet to Emma. Lets see how this pans out...
Someone feed that girl a pie - look at her arms!

Oh, ok - she must be pretty high if she thinks she can step into be Emma's mum right away. Crazy Were's.

Andy is sooooo going be become vamp-bait stumbling about in the forest... oooooo- he starts with the Smeagol impression. Lovely stuff! "Hold it together man, don't go all lost in nature retarded". Return of the Fae: forest/drug-rape of Andy. Advance guard for next weeks Fae invasion?
Why do I get the feeling Andy just gave up his soul?

I feel like we are getting less and less Eric or Pam action - I miss those too. The normal version of those two, that is.

"Don't laugh too much, you wouldn't want your lips to fall off" Ha! Snap, Marnie.

The real test of the heart - who loves Sookie more, and are they smart enough to think of another way? Would she even want to live without them?! Were they even planning on going through with it? Would they have survived the bullets? Will Eric forgive his child?!
Poor Pam.

Further proof that men are stupid - just shoot the fucker, no lost honour in not pissing about scenting up a tree. Nor putting a gun within reach of a v-juiced-up crazy bitch. God Sam! Use your head! Aaaaaaaand Alcide becomes packmaster. Sweet neck-popping skills.
Yuss! *fistpump* "Debbie Pelt, I abdure you!" I was hoping that would still come in! Whoop!
One of the good guys.

Cleaver body feint with the brujo skills - I suspect this shit is going to get brujo weird, right

Crispy creme Jason pie; Jess-fountain to the rescue again - are they being set up for coupledom in season 5?!

Oh man - that is some hilarious acting. Good job guys.
Cutting Shapes on the D floor
Boys with guns. (Yum?!)

I don't see that this can be over yet... Yes! Finally! Eric with balls! I love you!
Juice Box?

Ahahahahahaha! Ha!

And finally; I'm just waiting for Jesus to wake up and crank some nasty shit - now the lid is off the bottle...Oh shit! Not Jesus, Lala! For fucksake! Guess I do know why its only the second to last, and not last Ep - godamn!! FUCKING TEASER TRAILERS!!! Arrrrggggghhhhh!
One more, for pleasant dreams. (You're welcome, but he's looking at me)

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