Thursday, September 29, 2011


Just a short break before I finish a paragraph and run home for some fresh air, dog-walkin' styles, and some kai.  Marvellous, beautiful, belly-warming kai.


The eye lid is twitching again.

And I had a thought - chocolate industry profits must take a jump every time a PhD student commits to writing their thesis - the most effective motivator is the chocolate-promise.

"If you finish this section and that one, you can have chocolate at afternoon tea."

"If you finished that whole part in yellow highlighter there, you can have chocolate at half 5"

"If you complete everything but that single-gene mutation stuff before you go home, you can have chocolate for desert"

And as such, (also aiding in my world-dominating procrastination plans) the dog is getting walked for at least an hour every day.

Trouble is loving this thesis business.  I have also taken to grabbing pet-breaks when writing in the evenings - the animals are asleep in the lounge with a couch each and I write at the table in the kitchen, so, when I need a moment, I sneak in to the other room and give them head-noogies just for fun.  Then a good neck scratchin' and then a cuddle, and then I get knifed in the guts with a claw or a paw and I go back to work.


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