Sunday, September 25, 2011


TCO had her Spring Solstice party last night, and I am the type of person who fully believes in taking a wee gift for the hostess.  Usually favouring flowers, I have been working on something spesh instead.

TCO loves her garden, and learning about all the things therein, so I designed a wee necklace with a vial of assorted wild flower seeds.  Always a fan of unusual packaging, I used a different seed packet and some ribbon to parcel it up.

I love ribbon.

The chain rattles around inside something delightful - and sounds remarkably like seeds.  So yay - here's some horrific foxglove seeds for you plant!
I always was a random child.

I scattered foxglove seeds around the roses bordering the drive at our Taupo house at some stage during my Primary School years.  I loved the beautiful big flowers but Mum and Dad struggled to get rid of the weed-like things for years.  We did a drive by at some stage, after we had moved to the great Hawkes Bay (Rock on Havelock North!) and the little bastards were still populating the garden beds - though the new owners had committed the great sin of not looking after Mum and Dads beautiful roses.  For shame.

Anyway - the necklace is thus, I hope she actually liked it:
TCO - Gardener.

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