Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Enabling my own illicit behaviour

Procrastination.  Its my drug addiction (you know, aside from baking and cleaning and reading and crafting and collecting animals and drawing and writing and listening to music and sleeping...).

So, the Married One and I are bullying each other into writing (I say each other, to be honest I'm the only one needing the bullying) with Wednesdays and Thursday being writing days - and when anyone not writing is fair game for ridicule and harassment.

I'm feeling pretty harassed; the rest of our students have quickly jumped on the 'hassle SM bandwagon of fun'.

We have also just set a goal to have Introduction and Methods chapters first draft (to the point of Supe submission) completed by the 30th of September.  Telling you makes it more real, and you know how much I hate to fail...

I'm laughing to avoid bawling.

So a goal:  30th September, and we will have Poppa's Pizza to celebrate.  Plus you know, have two chapters done.

Chop chop woman!

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