Friday, September 23, 2011

Churchill & Photos

We had Poppa's Friday today and on the way over, we passed a bit of a crowd in the Union listening to a speaker - TCO exclaimed, very loudly;

"Its Winston Churchill!"

A group of school kids in uniform had obviously come down from school to watch and all whipped round to look at her, and to goggle at us cracking the fuck up.

It was actually Winston Peters and he was still talking on our way back.  We paused to listen for a mo, and heard the normal combative questions from the normal student activists, got bored and carried on back to work.

I wish it had been Churchill.


I have finally finished manipulating my photos from the Conf trip to Queenstown at the beginning of the month, and have loaded them up on Flickr (click through for full self promotion.  Ha.).  Qtown and Bannockburn.

I think my favourite might be this one (or: or: or: or: - you get the picture):
Mountain Spring Sneeze Pods Fluffy Live in the cloud Sky Interrupted Fairies underneath

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