Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bits, bobs, and buttons

Its one of the postdoc's birthdays today, so I whipped up some raspberry white choc muffins with wee candles in for morning tea.  Of course no candle could possibly stand up on its own without a liberal helping of cream cheese icing.  No pics cause I was super tired and barely thinking, but you'll be pleased to know that my Tupperware cake carrier has already paid for itself.  For one such as I, where any baking is made to be shared (least I eat it all), this is one of my most favoured kitchen pieces.  (and I have a lot of favourite kitchen bits and bobs :P)
I also feel it prudent to tell you that the last couple of days here in wee Dunedin have been absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.  Everyone is trying to get back to routine after last weeks conf (pics soon, I promise) and none of us have been outside to enjoy it - half the lab has fallen ill with some form of killer-snot bug too, which decreases our numbers a bit...

The cafe on the corner, The Good Earth, have switched out their table top polyanthus for strawberry plants - wrapped in green cellophane and rustic twine; they put a shit-eating-grin on my face as I walked past.

It's spring people, embrace it.

I have bare ankles, have stopped wearing under shirts and am eating my breakfast outside again.  Gods but I love summer!

I also feel the need to tell you that the thesis writing starts this week, both to lessen and increase the pressure.  Yes, I know, its going to be a haunted-house ride.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are writing days, and like spring - I'm embracing it.

That said, perhaps I should stop with the procrastination...

Oooo! I forgot - the Uni cafe was selling berries in jelly cups yesterday!  Amazing magic right?!  So last night I made some of my own with left over muffin berries - delish.

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