Monday, August 15, 2011

Stoned sex, in the snow

Wow.  So, not at all what I meant by that.  Did the universe conspire to make it both snow and have the current Ep play now, to give my title an ambiguous meaning?!  (Love it!)

True Blood S04E08: SPOILERS.

Jason is on fine form, giving Andy the attention he deserves: "Ahh sorry man I stopped listening about half way through".  

Best scene ever!  Jess goes macho on Hoyt, Hoyt cries like a little girl.  Jess is all vampire in charge.
And then she wakes up.  Godamnit!  (Look at the face on the left!  *chuckle*)

The reality was so much better - Jess thinking she was all big and mature and then BAM! Hoyt is a legend - you show her Hoyt!  Whoop!  Cause, sweetie, you might feel all vampy now, but mentally you're still just 17 (ish?).  Ha.  And honestly?  Hoyt gets to turn up at Jason's house.  He's his best friend.  You get kicked in the butt twice.  Whoop!  Sorry sweetie, but you can grow up now.  Poor Hoyt, someone needs to give that boy a hug.

And what's this?  Sookie has moved out of her little girl room into Gran's master suite?  About time.  Dig the beautiful bed head, and the old school linens, and the wallpaper - beautiful!
Not liking the running away talk much, how simple would this show be if problems could be solved so logically?

Pack weirdness - Marcus "You got alpha in you", oh yes he does - and he'll take your position soon enough.  His actions around the pack made him look like a better person - until he turns up at Luna's and goes biker-redneck on Sam.  Good job Luna, though - standing up to the tool, and using legal means?  Who would have thought?! And what the hell Debbie?  Stop with your needy demanding of promises and psycho bullshite.  And Alcide - shame on you for playing to it.  But good job on the rescue mish!  I bet you need to take your shirt off to staunch the bleeding first thing next week...

Poor Lala, how is he going to get away from this one?  And why didn't s/he blow the candles out before leaving?!  There were open windows!  Billowing curtains!  Naked flames!  Come on guys, get fire wise!  Nice back story on the creepy doll (it is the creepy doll! combined with some Bellefleur genetics - despite the fact that the baby is Rene's, not Terry's).  Naughty slave-raping/killing Bellefleur ancestors.

"There's no such thing as forever".  Sookie sweetie, you break my heart.
Woohoo! Go Sookie!  Ovaries of steel with a warriors heart!  Fight sister, fight!  (But what are you two wearing?!  At least the godamnhoodie is gone.).

And no witch war would be complete without the spooky fog spell; lose 10 points for the cliché, Antionia. And lose 10 points for saving Tara, Bill.  For shame.  And why, dear god, why didn't Bill just have the snipers shoot first, and ask questions/have theatrical chit-chat after?!  Stupid Bill!  Have you never read the Evil Overlord List?!

Godamn cliffies!


  1. The "stoned sex in the snow" scene was such a let down for me. I truly wish they had chemistry, but alas, it totally sucks to watch them.