Friday, August 12, 2011

Ode to the Post Doc

So I have been having a 'mare with my Q PCR data, and my lab's fabulous postdoc found the errors in my epic spreadsheets of doom equations, in about two seconds flat - and has turned my 2-day frown, upside down.  (metaphorically, I'm a bit too tired to be grinning like a fool, and it is Friday).

So, a Tribute!  You may consider this the physical manifestation of my metaphoric grinning like a loon.

(yes, yes, I know it’s not technically an Ode, shuddup you picky pickle!)

Dear Postdoc, you make my world turn ‘round
Your gifts, skills and knowledge abound.

Without you, where ever would the lab be
You should charge a consultation fee.

When my thesis makes me cry and frown
You make my frown go upside down.

Within minutes you make my data sing like magic
If you ever leave it would be  tragic.

I hope you know how much we care
How much it means to have you here.

Such magic fingers and brainy feats
Your mad skills at dancing to beats.

We mere students thank you ever so much
You are brilliant and valued and so-on and such.


Jealous of my mad, mad skills?!  Wait till you see what the Mother is getting for her birthday, late - because it is today.  And she is swanning it up in Sydders on a work junket, shopping and eating and being warm and shopping.

If it wasn't her birthday, I would be jealous.  (I miss Sydney!).  I miss you too, how you doin'?


  1. OK, but the real lesson here is don't ever, under any circumstances, use Excel to handle any data or analysis. Or really anything more important than a shopping list.

  2. Urgh! You send my grin
    Into a tail spin.

    We are not all born
    With brains of math porn
    Or loving computer form.

    Now I'll cry myself to sleep
    You know you cut me deep.