Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How has it come to this?!

Bill is endearing himself to me more than Eric.
What.  The.  Fuck.

I'm blaming you Antonia!  Oh yeah - True Blood S04E09.  SPOILERS!

Ok, firstly - stupid girls!  You thought it would be all fun and butterflies to play with a bit of magic and you find yourselves trapped with burnt palms and no idea what kind of mess you have gotten in to.  Tara!  I'm talking to you!  Urgh!  At least you'all had the guts to say no when you realised.  Bar Roy, the simple fool.

Now - you remember the epicness that was Russell's TV appearance? (best ep ever), and the end of the season whereby Vamps were on the back foot trying to regain political ground with the bloodbags humans?  I predict, oh yes - I predict that the end of this season is going to be a positive spin for the vamps - negative for the humans as a result of Marnie/Antonia's crazed psycho-ness.  And of course Marnie will die when Antonia's unresting soul is forever extinguished by Lala's magic.  Esp now that the evil-doll situation is resolved.
Shortest post-shot dwelling on the situation ever.

Poor Bill.  Poor Alcide - you're not out, and you know it.  (Note - not feeling the love for Eric right now.  You got yourself caught again?  Sheesh).  However (stupid fae blood *grumblegrumble*):
Nice way to wake up.

Nan, you and Pam were so obviously separated at birth. "I mean what the fuck Bill, how did you let it come to this?!" .  And dealing with the epic vampire teen angst that is Jessica - putting her off ever becoming a maker.  Brill.
You have to admit, the girl has theatrical class.

"And the cameras had better find you in a festive and tolerant fucking mood"

Tears, I have tears leaking out from my crazed only-person-in-the-house-laughter from this ep.

And Jess reads Twilight!  The shits and giggles just keep on coming!
"For you, monster".  Oh Hoyt, I love you.  "Is this yours?!"  "No!  That goes in the monster box."
Of course - highlights:  stoned dream part II!

Oh my god - Sookie, do you see where this is going?!  I do!  "I'm proposing that the two of mine."



Sorry.  Got away from me there.  Onwards.

I'm loving the Lala/evil doll story, I'm more engaged in this ep than I have been in weeks.  Hilarity and oppression, love and racism.  I got chills from Jesus' spirit release:
Chills, I tells you be.

Pack/Debbie/Tommy/Alcide plot lines collide; its lucky Alcide is "6'6 and wider than a door"  Mmmm yeah...
Sweetie, your morals are beautiful! (Ha! 'morals', that's what we're calling it now?!)  And your willingness to fight a half pack of Were's to save stupid Tommy Mickens (the poor dear, what a sweet goodbye note!) is completely gorgeous.  Rock on.  (He's totes taking over your pack Marcus bro!  Grrrrr, fight!).

Fucking cliffies!  Fucking teaser trailers!  And only 3 to go - how can they drag out the climax for three more eps?!  Argh!  ABall, you're killing me!  You make me feel like this:

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