Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The house is filled with the aroma of comfort baking this evening - the Authoress and I both arrived home with supplies - chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

I think our baking cycles have... synced.


Seriously though, sometimes the only way to deal with change and drama and ill news and upsettedness; is to bake your little, country, (dead, black) heart out.  Like generations of women standing behind me, we bake, and we make tea.

And everything seems just that little bit better.
Its all right baby, Sharktopus will hug you 'till its all better.

In other news, I had a super busy day running about all over town dropping off printing and organising proofs and so on - I snuck up to Mornington to pick up a couple pair of shoes which I was having re-soled.  I ventured all the way up to that particular suburb because I had been told by the leather workers in town (do they have a collective name?  leather-smith? leather crafter?) that the only person who might have a chance at modifying my camera case would be him, so I killed two birds with one stone.

Now when I say cobbler - I mean old school cobbler.  He has a treadle Singer out front (beautiful machines, this one ~1920's, Model 29-4), threaded up and ready to go.  There are boots and shoes hanging from and sitting on every surface, the pokey little workroom/shop is cluttered with years of accumulated leather-associated detritus, smells strongly like leather glue and dye, he has tanners fingers (um...urgh, very dry, cracked and stained.) is of a taciturn disposition and only accepts cash.

He also worked complete magic with the extension of my camera case.
After being told by one other craftsman that what I wanted was impossible (due to the angle the stitching would need to be done at) he cut, extended, glued and stitched the lens barrel in about 2 hours flat.  Beautiful work, and now my beautiful camera is fully protected.

And the cookies are ready to consume with freshly brewed tea.  Perfect timing.
See the temperature differential in my shitty, shitty oven?!

Warm cookie with lashings of white and milk chocolate make it OK.


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