Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

We've had snow predicted for this weekend all...week, and I stocked up on essentials yesterday in preparation - you know; a full sack of flour, butter (on spesh!  two blocks, the frivolity astounds me!), molasses, chocolate, blanched almonds: fun things like that.  On a side note, the massive supermarket had not one crumb of bread, of any type - perhaps having learnt from the wastage last snowday, but come on!  I was looking forward to fresh bread, balsamic and virgin olive oil.  The only way to have fresh bread.

Anyway, this is all due, dear lovelies, to my discovery of thejoyofbaking.  When I say discovered, I mean the Authoress made orgasmic macaroons and I enquired after the recipe to prolong the pleasure, and she pointed me in said direction.

It is amazing.  The inspiration!  The listing of both metric and imperial stupid, Celsius and Fahrenheit, pictures, videos, lists, categories....


So, I'm on the couch transcribing the recipes I am going to start with (Biscotti! molasses-based gingerbread! red velvet cupcakes!), with Trouble on one side curled up in two blankets, nudging my hand with his nose trying to get continual pats (makes typing ever so hard) and beautiful big snow fluffies floating down and about outside my windows (according to the Uni Physics dept, the temp is 0.1 deg Celsius.  Lovely).  The stereo is cranking the 'Pod's slow but happy list and the heatpump is humming away.  The cat is tucked up in quilts on the bed and I did all of my cleaning yesterday - so the house is pristine.  I am surrounded in a cocoon of comfort, self satisfaction and excited anticipation.  Maybe (if MetService does not lie) we will be snowed in tomorrow and I can try some other recipes.   Then on Tuesday I can distribute my efforts about, to prevent my own consuming of them.

Share the baking love, people!  Whoop!

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