Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is it real? Is it?!

Golden Gate Falls
Leave No Tree Faceless
And my fav:
By Josh Sommers, Photoshop Wizard.  Via.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh hello stranger

True Blood S04E10, and only two to go - SPOILERS!  Only quick highlights tonight my lovlies, I have an oven full of roast veges, in preparation for the lab road trip picnic, to be watching. (more later - squee!)

"I remember everything".  Could your voice be any deeper, gravelly or more lovely right now?!  (ok, ok - get a grip woman!  Its been awhile since Eric has been decent, ok?!)
Sookie!  Nooo! What are you doing?!  Don't you see him breaking?!

Tommy freaking Mickens - completely redeemed.  Never thought I'd see the day - good god but that is some TV magic you've got going on ABall.
Stupid boys repressing their feelings.  And poor sweet Hoyt  "I aint cryin"  Oh yeah, I'm sure you're just leaking radiator fluid out your eye holes.  And Jason, with the emotional depth of a teaspoon (Thank you Hermione!) being his only support.  After that brilliant post...truck, talk with Jessica.  "Humans!", perfect.

Tara stuck in a shop, "Not gonna lie....its a possibility"  Ha! snap Holly!  And - well well well; isn't this a turn of events.  Pleased to make your more educated acquaintance Antonia, and Marnie - for shame!  Oh poison tongue, oh serpents kiss!  You have turned quite the corner.  Antagonist ahoy!  Lovely work on the comic relief with the rest of the stupid people stuck in the shop with them.  I bet they all have a burned hand apiece by now.

Lovely Nan and a vampire pity party in the basement.  Off with her head!  Off with her head too!  Off with his head, and his and oh, his too!  Ha, you go Nan.  And finally Jessica starts to embrace her vampire side - gone with the lovey dovey bollocks, in with the battle bloodlust!

Lala's picking up on some bad juju... "this isn't my first time...or my second time" Oooo Jesus! Woah Nelly!

I'm having a premonition - Jesus gets shots down before he can even get to the store...

Oh! Oh! Oh my god!  I...have the magic!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Yay Latin demon mask!  Nothing like a good car bonnet stakeout followed by a crispy demon roast.

And just to keep us hooked:
The tragedy that is Debbie's living room - the wolf blankie?  Really?!   Sheeeee-at.  Marcus's is sooo gonna die!
Awwwww Bellefleurs!!!

Eeeeee! Every one of my favourite movies has this last scene in, but first, just because I can:
I shit you not.  The music, the black clothing, the hot boys *ahem*, the guns, the chin-tucked-down-strutting...Brilliant.
And now I've had to pause - because I am belly laughing so hard I cannot see through the tears.  Oh ABall, I love you.  What a good way to end.  Two to go - bring it on!

Secret Garden Wall

See, now I'm going to have to put a feature wall in my future-mansion's extensive gardens.  Like this:

Everybody loves Lego! Whoop!  Made by an Etsy seller, of course.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cross over 'toon-type art

Uh oh Bear - what did the little devil make you do?!  -My fav.
McCarty PhotoWorks.  Go have a browse, cool stuff.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love unconventional art

This has been doing the rounds lately and has popped up on so many of the blogs I follow - like minds eh?
Brill.  By Gregory Euclide.  Some of his other stuff is cool too (Ha! Some).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Origin of Optimus

Roger wrote a piece for the Chicago Sun Times on The Origin of Transformers. It makes quite the argument for Intelligent Design.

"I raise the subject of Creationism because it opens the door to Intelligent Design, which I will require to explain the existence of Autobots. Do you know what an Autobot looks like? At first appearance they're mild-mannered motor vehicles. They are suddenly capable of unfolding and expanding into gigantic humanoid robots whose size seems optional, since sometimes they can bend over and look a human in the eye, and at other times they are hundreds of feet tall. One might wonder how they pack so much metallic mass into an area the size of a Camaro, and well one might."

"I will avoid the obvious question: How did the inhabitants of Cybertron learn of modern human automobile designs? Since they are capable of such quick morphing, they obviously evolved their auto disguises as a tactic to move unnoticed among humans, and travel around at will. I assume they need gasoline as lifeblood, which explains their interest in the Middle East earlier in the story. Their decision to attack Chicago seems inexplicable, until you take into consideration the generous tax credits offered by the Illinois Film Office."

And best of all:

"If you consider a Camaro, for example, wouldn't it obviously have had a Designer? Could its parts have been assembled by a hurricane (or a trillion hurricanes) blowing through a junkyard?
Certainly not. Therefore, this is proof that Autobots were not assembled on Cybertron by hurricanes or any other means envisioned by Darwin, and were Intelligently Designed. That makes the Transformers series a compelling parable for ID, and I expect several of this year's Republican presidential candidates to recommend the movies on that basis alone."

Brilliant quick read. And I liked the movie. Shuddup.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beautiful moments in time

Head on over to Ryan Taylor's photography site, beaut photos of milk/rainbow water splashes and such.  (And the yucky stuff - weddings etc. Bleurgh.  Scroll past that bollocks.).

On the same note, Terrastro - time lapse photography of the beautiful night sky.  Sublime.

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.


The house is filled with the aroma of comfort baking this evening - the Authoress and I both arrived home with supplies - chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

I think our baking cycles have... synced.


Seriously though, sometimes the only way to deal with change and drama and ill news and upsettedness; is to bake your little, country, (dead, black) heart out.  Like generations of women standing behind me, we bake, and we make tea.

And everything seems just that little bit better.
Its all right baby, Sharktopus will hug you 'till its all better.

In other news, I had a super busy day running about all over town dropping off printing and organising proofs and so on - I snuck up to Mornington to pick up a couple pair of shoes which I was having re-soled.  I ventured all the way up to that particular suburb because I had been told by the leather workers in town (do they have a collective name?  leather-smith? leather crafter?) that the only person who might have a chance at modifying my camera case would be him, so I killed two birds with one stone.

Now when I say cobbler - I mean old school cobbler.  He has a treadle Singer out front (beautiful machines, this one ~1920's, Model 29-4), threaded up and ready to go.  There are boots and shoes hanging from and sitting on every surface, the pokey little workroom/shop is cluttered with years of accumulated leather-associated detritus, smells strongly like leather glue and dye, he has tanners fingers (um...urgh, very dry, cracked and stained.) is of a taciturn disposition and only accepts cash.

He also worked complete magic with the extension of my camera case.
After being told by one other craftsman that what I wanted was impossible (due to the angle the stitching would need to be done at) he cut, extended, glued and stitched the lens barrel in about 2 hours flat.  Beautiful work, and now my beautiful camera is fully protected.

And the cookies are ready to consume with freshly brewed tea.  Perfect timing.
See the temperature differential in my shitty, shitty oven?!

Warm cookie with lashings of white and milk chocolate make it OK.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How has it come to this?!

Bill is endearing himself to me more than Eric.
What.  The.  Fuck.

I'm blaming you Antonia!  Oh yeah - True Blood S04E09.  SPOILERS!

Ok, firstly - stupid girls!  You thought it would be all fun and butterflies to play with a bit of magic and you find yourselves trapped with burnt palms and no idea what kind of mess you have gotten in to.  Tara!  I'm talking to you!  Urgh!  At least you'all had the guts to say no when you realised.  Bar Roy, the simple fool.

Now - you remember the epicness that was Russell's TV appearance? (best ep ever), and the end of the season whereby Vamps were on the back foot trying to regain political ground with the bloodbags humans?  I predict, oh yes - I predict that the end of this season is going to be a positive spin for the vamps - negative for the humans as a result of Marnie/Antonia's crazed psycho-ness.  And of course Marnie will die when Antonia's unresting soul is forever extinguished by Lala's magic.  Esp now that the evil-doll situation is resolved.
Shortest post-shot dwelling on the situation ever.

Poor Bill.  Poor Alcide - you're not out, and you know it.  (Note - not feeling the love for Eric right now.  You got yourself caught again?  Sheesh).  However (stupid fae blood *grumblegrumble*):
Nice way to wake up.

Nan, you and Pam were so obviously separated at birth. "I mean what the fuck Bill, how did you let it come to this?!" .  And dealing with the epic vampire teen angst that is Jessica - putting her off ever becoming a maker.  Brill.
You have to admit, the girl has theatrical class.

"And the cameras had better find you in a festive and tolerant fucking mood"

Tears, I have tears leaking out from my crazed only-person-in-the-house-laughter from this ep.

And Jess reads Twilight!  The shits and giggles just keep on coming!
"For you, monster".  Oh Hoyt, I love you.  "Is this yours?!"  "No!  That goes in the monster box."
Of course - highlights:  stoned dream part II!

Oh my god - Sookie, do you see where this is going?!  I do!  "I'm proposing that the two of mine."



Sorry.  Got away from me there.  Onwards.

I'm loving the Lala/evil doll story, I'm more engaged in this ep than I have been in weeks.  Hilarity and oppression, love and racism.  I got chills from Jesus' spirit release:
Chills, I tells you be.

Pack/Debbie/Tommy/Alcide plot lines collide; its lucky Alcide is "6'6 and wider than a door"  Mmmm yeah...
Sweetie, your morals are beautiful! (Ha! 'morals', that's what we're calling it now?!)  And your willingness to fight a half pack of Were's to save stupid Tommy Mickens (the poor dear, what a sweet goodbye note!) is completely gorgeous.  Rock on.  (He's totes taking over your pack Marcus bro!  Grrrrr, fight!).

Fucking cliffies!  Fucking teaser trailers!  And only 3 to go - how can they drag out the climax for three more eps?!  Argh!  ABall, you're killing me!  You make me feel like this:

'Cause there's not enough running about outside already

Zombie pot
Grow you own!  Via.

Monday, August 22, 2011


This was attached in an email from the Oxford One: awaiting deets on whom the artist might be, so that I might propose.  Will update when we have picked a date and a venue.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Stuff has photos from our most recent Snow Day, and this, dear friends, is why people can be awesome. (actually made in Crunchy (Chch), but since the whole country had a snowday, I figure it doesn't matter.)

Love it.

More on site.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Labels make me uncomfortable

And this piece by Kate nicely lays out some points.

"Why I don't call myself a feminist any more"

"And it isn’t that my generation doesn’t need feminism anymore. It’s that we more acutely need people who will care less about the definition of a particular word, and more about the experiences that people are having. Less about body hair, and more about opportunity. Less about women being one thing or another, and more about everyone sharing the same set of responsibilities towards caring for a world we all participate in and are affected by"

Read it.  Good stuff.  Rock on, girls.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I read! Date me?!

Farm Girl posted this (by Rosemarie Urquico) a while back and it is simply, superbly, lovely.  I want to re post the whole thing, but you can go and read it on-site.  Unable to help myself, however, these are my fav clippings:

"Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books."

"She’s the one lovingly looking over the shelves in the bookstore, the one who quietly cries out when she finds the book she wants. You see the weird chick sniffing the pages of an old book in a second hand book shop? That’s the reader. They can never resist smelling the pages, especially when they are yellow"

"Understand that if she says she understood James Joyce’s Ulysses she’s just saying that to sound intelligent. Ask her if she loves Alice or she would like to be Alice"

"Understand that she knows the difference between books and reality but by god, she’s going to try to make her life a little like her favourite book"

"Fail her. Because a girl who reads knows that failure always leads up to the climax. Because girls who understand that all things will come to end. That you can always write a sequel. That you can begin again and again and still be the hero. That life is meant to have a villain or two"

Ok, I'll stop now.  Go and read it, by golly!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stoned sex, in the snow

Wow.  So, not at all what I meant by that.  Did the universe conspire to make it both snow and have the current Ep play now, to give my title an ambiguous meaning?!  (Love it!)

True Blood S04E08: SPOILERS.

Jason is on fine form, giving Andy the attention he deserves: "Ahh sorry man I stopped listening about half way through".  

Best scene ever!  Jess goes macho on Hoyt, Hoyt cries like a little girl.  Jess is all vampire in charge.
And then she wakes up.  Godamnit!  (Look at the face on the left!  *chuckle*)

The reality was so much better - Jess thinking she was all big and mature and then BAM! Hoyt is a legend - you show her Hoyt!  Whoop!  Cause, sweetie, you might feel all vampy now, but mentally you're still just 17 (ish?).  Ha.  And honestly?  Hoyt gets to turn up at Jason's house.  He's his best friend.  You get kicked in the butt twice.  Whoop!  Sorry sweetie, but you can grow up now.  Poor Hoyt, someone needs to give that boy a hug.

And what's this?  Sookie has moved out of her little girl room into Gran's master suite?  About time.  Dig the beautiful bed head, and the old school linens, and the wallpaper - beautiful!
Not liking the running away talk much, how simple would this show be if problems could be solved so logically?

Pack weirdness - Marcus "You got alpha in you", oh yes he does - and he'll take your position soon enough.  His actions around the pack made him look like a better person - until he turns up at Luna's and goes biker-redneck on Sam.  Good job Luna, though - standing up to the tool, and using legal means?  Who would have thought?! And what the hell Debbie?  Stop with your needy demanding of promises and psycho bullshite.  And Alcide - shame on you for playing to it.  But good job on the rescue mish!  I bet you need to take your shirt off to staunch the bleeding first thing next week...

Poor Lala, how is he going to get away from this one?  And why didn't s/he blow the candles out before leaving?!  There were open windows!  Billowing curtains!  Naked flames!  Come on guys, get fire wise!  Nice back story on the creepy doll (it is the creepy doll! combined with some Bellefleur genetics - despite the fact that the baby is Rene's, not Terry's).  Naughty slave-raping/killing Bellefleur ancestors.

"There's no such thing as forever".  Sookie sweetie, you break my heart.
Woohoo! Go Sookie!  Ovaries of steel with a warriors heart!  Fight sister, fight!  (But what are you two wearing?!  At least the godamnhoodie is gone.).

And no witch war would be complete without the spooky fog spell; lose 10 points for the cliché, Antionia. And lose 10 points for saving Tara, Bill.  For shame.  And why, dear god, why didn't Bill just have the snipers shoot first, and ask questions/have theatrical chit-chat after?!  Stupid Bill!  Have you never read the Evil Overlord List?!

Godamn cliffies!

OUTweCon - Proceedings and Votes!

The Twitter Conference proceedings can be read here, and votes collected here after said reading.

The only conference to be attended in the history of the universe, simultaneously whilst watching Trouble try to sneak my socks out of my room.

On Repeat

It is a snowday, again, and there's nothing better (ok, so the baking *was* better...) than having a blankie over your knee and Joni crooning in the background while you make Q PCR graphs.

Good times. (If homeboy brings up the Excel thing again, I will cry.  Fair warning.)

However - I'm pretty sure that is enough snow for the winter, you can give it a rest now. Unless you magically give me double glazed windows and a cozy wood fire and a nice boy to warm my bed...or any one of the above :D

What's that?  You will keep snowing?  Well, you know what to do then don't you?!

U of O Twitter Conference

Yes, there is such a thing.   Obviously, to be read in numerical order.  Which means, start from the bottom.  Ok?  Just making sure.
Perhaps not my best work, but you have no idea how hard it is to tell a story in such a short, restricted format.  Plus - I never really got into the whole Twit-thing, so I think I am missing some rules or committing some twitter faux pas any time I use it.  

You kids and your technology!  

I'm predicting my account to fall dormant again within a day.  A bit of fun though, and mad props to the people who tweet their thesis - as a poem.  Obviously should have thought about the possibilities more.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… Dicks?


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baking Methods #493

To weigh out 110 grams of semi-dark chocolate.

Unwrap 250 gram block of Whittakers finest at the beginning of your baking sesh.

Chop into pieces of the required size for the recipe.

Place in bowl and place bowl off to the side.

Miraculously, by the time you are ready to add it to your batter, there is almost exactly 110 grams in the bowl.


Beautiful Sunday

We've had snow predicted for this weekend all...week, and I stocked up on essentials yesterday in preparation - you know; a full sack of flour, butter (on spesh!  two blocks, the frivolity astounds me!), molasses, chocolate, blanched almonds: fun things like that.  On a side note, the massive supermarket had not one crumb of bread, of any type - perhaps having learnt from the wastage last snowday, but come on!  I was looking forward to fresh bread, balsamic and virgin olive oil.  The only way to have fresh bread.

Anyway, this is all due, dear lovelies, to my discovery of thejoyofbaking.  When I say discovered, I mean the Authoress made orgasmic macaroons and I enquired after the recipe to prolong the pleasure, and she pointed me in said direction.

It is amazing.  The inspiration!  The listing of both metric and imperial stupid, Celsius and Fahrenheit, pictures, videos, lists, categories....


So, I'm on the couch transcribing the recipes I am going to start with (Biscotti! molasses-based gingerbread! red velvet cupcakes!), with Trouble on one side curled up in two blankets, nudging my hand with his nose trying to get continual pats (makes typing ever so hard) and beautiful big snow fluffies floating down and about outside my windows (according to the Uni Physics dept, the temp is 0.1 deg Celsius.  Lovely).  The stereo is cranking the 'Pod's slow but happy list and the heatpump is humming away.  The cat is tucked up in quilts on the bed and I did all of my cleaning yesterday - so the house is pristine.  I am surrounded in a cocoon of comfort, self satisfaction and excited anticipation.  Maybe (if MetService does not lie) we will be snowed in tomorrow and I can try some other recipes.   Then on Tuesday I can distribute my efforts about, to prevent my own consuming of them.

Share the baking love, people!  Whoop!

It's playing with my head!

Lovely rug by Sonya Winner.  Via and for sale here (for more money than you will ever, ever have).

Winner. (sorry, I have no self restraint).

Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Repeat

I've had this piece playing in my lists for years now, and it still never fails to tickle my temporal lobe and bring a slow grin to my face.

Written/Produced for Lexus by Mark Joggerst and Ralf Kemper. Lovely.

Wood! I need wood! Someone, give me wood!

Settlers, in 3D.  I can't find a source for this pic (and don't want to promote the stealing site), but I did find a mass produced, special addition of the game here.
epic win photos - Settlers of Catan IRL WIN

And then, 'cause I was looking for stuff, I came across these:


Custom Build - Settlers of Catan 3D | The Settlers of Catan | BoardGameGeek
Settlers of Catan? :  wedding Pic72685 Md
A. Mazing.  Here and here.  Want!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ode to the Post Doc

So I have been having a 'mare with my Q PCR data, and my lab's fabulous postdoc found the errors in my epic spreadsheets of doom equations, in about two seconds flat - and has turned my 2-day frown, upside down.  (metaphorically, I'm a bit too tired to be grinning like a fool, and it is Friday).

So, a Tribute!  You may consider this the physical manifestation of my metaphoric grinning like a loon.

(yes, yes, I know it’s not technically an Ode, shuddup you picky pickle!)

Dear Postdoc, you make my world turn ‘round
Your gifts, skills and knowledge abound.

Without you, where ever would the lab be
You should charge a consultation fee.

When my thesis makes me cry and frown
You make my frown go upside down.

Within minutes you make my data sing like magic
If you ever leave it would be  tragic.

I hope you know how much we care
How much it means to have you here.

Such magic fingers and brainy feats
Your mad skills at dancing to beats.

We mere students thank you ever so much
You are brilliant and valued and so-on and such.


Jealous of my mad, mad skills?!  Wait till you see what the Mother is getting for her birthday, late - because it is today.  And she is swanning it up in Sydders on a work junket, shopping and eating and being warm and shopping.

If it wasn't her birthday, I would be jealous.  (I miss Sydney!).  I miss you too, how you doin'?

There wasn't a problem inside

Cute.  We see you there Matt, fighting your way out the top.

T shirt by Ian Leino.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still on this ship

Thor comic, via SuperPunch.  The Condensed history of Asgard and Thor the Mighty.
Lovely.  I'm reading Norse fairy tales at the mo (slash myths slash legends) and am finding the whole belief system fascinating.  Old school pagan gods and goddesses just have so much more flair and class.