Monday, July 25, 2011

Snow Day!

So I bashed my alarm off this morning and whipped my arm back under the covers so fast that I dislocated a shoulder.

Ok, not quite - but it was bloody cold, and the re-snuggling made me forget to wake up, and I next opened my eyes at the horrifically late time of 8am.  Jumped up and pulled the curtains to see lovely white glare - so I shoved the dog out, got dressed lightning fast and grabbed the camera in case it all melted.

I shouldn't have worried.

I enjoyed my hot porridge and tea and then ventured out to walk Trouble and see how far towards the ocean the snow persisted.

All the way.  Though I hear Canterbury has a thick blanket right down to the waters edge, so we have no claim to fame in that regard.  I did however, get caught in a wind-driven flurry up on the St Clair sports fields, I couldn't see (due to the snow driving into my eyes, not because it was a white-out - I wish!) and I had to tuck the camera into my coat.

I managed to get a couple of pics of the hills before the clouds closed in again:

And then hot footed it down off the dunes to get back to my warm house and a blistering hot cuppa.  Of course we met with strong, but beautiful, flurries on the football field across the road from the house and I was laughing out loud like a little kid.  Trouble was trying to catch flakes in his mouth, and ended up looking like a hobo.  Had to towel him off when we got back inside.
 Fun, brilliant times.  There were more kids playing on the streets than I even knew lived in the neighbourhood, people were out walking their dogs (admittedly very few people) and some youths were making good use of their dirt bike.

That'll be our one snow-dump for the 2 year period then?

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