Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meetings and Lectures: my concentration tool

Doodling.  If my hand is busy I can listen more intently.  It doesn't make sense, I know, but there you go.

Same deal with experiment setup and music - 96 well Q RT PCR plates I assemble like a freaking robot, if I have my cerebrum plugged into my iPod and my beats are up loud enough to drown out the rest of the lab.  (yes, I am cool enough to say 'beats', with a straight face).

This particular pair of pages resulted first from a public lecture, and second from a meeting whereby my finger came into contact with the nib of my note-taking pen.  It...evolved from there.  (and it took 3 showers to get the ink out from my skin).  Fun times.

10 points to Slytherin if you know what it is.


  1. Snitch!
    Also, I started qPCR this week... and we aren't allowed iPods in our lab. Pain, lots of pain!

  2. Snap!

    And that is some cruel and unusual punishment! Even if you tuck the cords completely under your lab coat?!

  3. Something to do with health and safety... the lab manager is pretty strict on it :( BUT if *everyone* is ok with it we can have the radio on!