Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a new month, time for more mutants

How did that happen?

An absolute shocker writing on my fly bottles and having to put a 6 instead of a 5.  6th month, how can we be there already?!


We went to see First Class last night, and it was good.  Not quite great, but good.  I love background, and their trying to explain the science, without being scientific was hilarious.  The word mutation gets thrown about an awful lot, and the historic DNA symbolism is brill.  (brill funny, not brill science).

You see a whole different side of Charles, a side I quite liked - but then every geek girl is going to have a soft spot for horrific scientific pickup lines, deep, deep in her heart.  And it's the hilarious attempt that is worth the effort  (not to mention, his accent and manner of speech are just delicious).  Not much depth covered on the rest of the 'first class', but then the important thing is setting up the Prof, and Gandalf - so all is right with the world.

Logan has a wee cameo, pure gold.  (the Wolverine, not the kitten, though he too would have made the movie more epic)
KO with one paw
Such a flirt.  Adamantium claws well retracted.

Overall impression from the movie?  Makes me want to re-watch the others, now that I know a little more background. (never did get into comics).

Like a good Lit Review, making a Thesis better.
(Yeah, that's right, I threw the T word in there)

And - holysnowballsinhell - this movie franchise is now 11 years old.  Also - Kevin Bacon?! Ha.

The great thing about the movie experience at the moment (ignoring my rapidly advancing age) is all the great trailers out for the upcoming US summer movies.  Green Lantern (Whoop! anyone else having Blade3 flashbacks?!), Super 8, Captain America (that one will be interesting, I predict my liking it less), Transformers (Eeeee! Don't judge me - you know my taste in movies is horrendous).  And then the Harry Potter farewell... *preemptivesob* (also - HP film flock, 10 years old).  And we already know I loved Thor.

Pleasant dreams.

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