Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is yours on there?

For iPhone.  Do that many people still use '1234' these days?!  Sheesh!

Esp when you can buy things and lose money on your stupid, stupid phone. (Still jealous.  Might wait for the 5?)

Via Boing Boing, plus deets if you want the collection method.

Also, with double quotes:

""Interestingly, 1990-2000 are all in the top 50, and 1980-1989 are all in the top 100. I would interpret this occurrence as a subset of users that set their passcodes to the year of their birth or graduation.""

Of course they did.  And I admit to a slight shudder for people born in the '00's having iPhones forgodsake.  Though not surprised at their being stupider in their password choice than my generation.  *Buffs nails*.

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