Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Brightest Day

In Blackest Night

Obviously, we saw Green Lantern this evening, and I am left feeling quite... ambiguous about it.

The movie wasn't bad, exactly, just a bit...meh.

I liked Ryan Reynolds, he did a really good job (my kind of guy- funny and sarcastic), the girl was average (had a really weird chin) and the romantic scenes added nothing to the movie.  The kiwi actors were brill (I can't stop picturing Tem being cut open for study and the scientist gasping - "but he's a Maori!") and I liked the effects.  The baddie (monster baddie, not stereotyped jealous scientist baddie) was cool, and the immortal governing council could all count Dobby amongst their family trees.  I liked how the green lantern corps was made up of truly outlandish beings, and not mearly humanoids.

I applaud the attempt at purveying good morals too, but then that is what the classic super hero story is good for, no?  Triumph in the face of adversity, good winning the day from evil, and achieving it through honorable means.  Morals from comics, rather than bibles.  Brill.

The actual resolution of the baddie actually took very little time from the movie, most of it being concerned with building the hero's character.  The blatant setup for the sequel at the end will no doubt give us more action next time.

So, I didn't love it, but I'm not hatin', and I'm pleased I saw it.  Probably wouldn't see it again.


It's the longest night tonight, and I can't help feeling like I should be offering up a sacrifice to Hecate or something to ensure my future good fortune on the run down to summer, and the T-word.  But let us not speak of such things.

In other news, we got the end of the labour pamphlet  drop bucket run today - about ten copies of each of the two propaganda versions dumped in the box. The poor kid obviously wanted his dinner.   Straight into the recycling bin for that lot.  I hope at least the green party refrains from such willful littering. If I want to know your policies, I'll look them up on ye old internets, thank you very much. (how 'bout a policy to keep those damn kids off my lawn?!).

I am also in a state of anticipation for Sunday, and the first episode in the new season of True Blood.  Whoop!

That pretty much covers all the hapnin' things.  Sleep tight 'homes, it's gonna be a cold one.

- via the iPod magic wand.

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