Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mother Nature, you tickle my sense of humour

By humon. Via PZ.

I love that she has psycho hair, and the look on the humans face in the final massive hug.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More 'Blood



Why do you tease me so?  I bet half of that shit is not going to show till at least half way through the season - and wtf with that ending?!  Wtf!

More, more, more!  Like a crackhead 'blood junkie.  For shame.  (Gotta have hobbies right?! :D)

Boom Sticks, people!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Midnight premier screening, 'cause we are sadistic, crazy people.





It's funny. That Sam Witwicky is a funny guy, and the first half of the movie is full of incidental humour.

And they (everyone who worked with her?!) are not shy about showing their opinion of Fox- subtle (ok, not actually that subtle) digs at the absent female lead throughout. Brill.

The action is awesome, none of the massive character-building bollocks that has been plaguing movies this season, just a solid slice of epic Autobots vs Decepticons battles and skirmishes.

Plus, you know, Lennox.

In uniform; Yum.

They have boom-sticks, which don't actually play a massive role after all, and amazing flying-squirrel-monkey-men. Goodies and baddies, treachery and the little guy making a difference. In typical Optimus fashion, he gets beat up pretty bad (loses an arm) before he rallies through some means and recovers to save the day and deliver one of his epically cheesy one-and-a-half liners. You know, human morals lesson from the big machine-man. (But it's OK, 'cause Optimus is awesome).

"You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves.  From here, the fight will be your own"

The romance is secondary and negligible, and only once was I called on to make the vomit-gagging noise. I get the feeling 'she' is only present to point finger at the departed Fox, and to explain how Sam is paying rent at the start of the movie.  Oh yeah - and McDreamy (or was it steamy? or meanie? Never really got into that shiz) is a baddie.   Stupid, bad, seedy old man.

The blending of the historic moon landing footage was pretty cool- blatently fake, but good effort. Ditto for the wee chat with the Russians.  And it's got some sweet beats.  I might need to see it again!  Definitely rating it higher than Green Lantern, though that's not too hard right now.

Big stick though- plot like The End of Time much?!

- via the iPod magic wand.

Bookcase for readers

I shall risk ridicule and admit I stared at this for a few seconds before I realised what was so special about it.  I was just thinking - "why interrupt the box-shelves with extraneous lines?"

By Saporiti.

I want! But not in cacky orange...

Electronic art by Valentin Ruhry, on display at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.
Rocker Switch Art of the Day

Do you think they let people things?!  Oooooo I want to!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fan of the Fang

I don't even know where to start. (Re. True Blood S04E01)

Oh wait, I do:
Gah.  Nggh.


So many changes from cannon, I don't know if I'm upset about it or not.


No - that's a lie, I am a bit upset, but I see good things with it too - I think next week will prove better.  I'm willing to suspend judgement, for the moment.  No worries for the people who were worried about having read the book ruining the HBO version - not going to happen.

First of all - what the fuck are they doing with Faery?  Luminous fruit?  Crazy-evil-morphs?!  Urgh - No.  And Barry-Bellboy is there, implying the mind-reading is a fairy trait - which it is not.  It's Demon.  (read Dead Reckoning, good for some much needed background).  I feel Alan Ball is starting to just pull shit out of his ass, to keep it top of the charts.  But like a good scientific poster - white space is your friend.  You don't need to introduce ten bazillion new story lines/changes all in one go.  Or even one season.

Second - Tara has turned lesbian, has changed her name/is lying about her past, and is cage fighting?!  This I like.  To parrot others - about time they put her bulging arms to good use, and she cheered the fuck up.  I was so sick of her quivering lower lip.

Andy is hooked on V?  I feel this was a desperate ploy to keep the drug-use of vamp blood in the spotlight - it kind of fades out in the books as it is quite the naff thing to do.  (Also - to avoid explanation of the great hypocrisy; one drop to get high, but Sook is chugging back on the shit like lemonade?!)  Keeping it real with the youth of America perhaps - sex, drugs and...well, southern music.

I am so, so, so not down with the time travel.  This is. Shit. House.  Like Desperate Housewives, trying to explain away a whole shitload of changes and introduction of new plot devices without doing all the work.  For shame.  And Jason, the little twerp, sold Gran's house?!  Oh hell no.  The closing scene better not be another dream - and Eric better hand those keys over free-hold. (before or after he gets nekked, I don't mind).  Then again, this might be my own fears coming through - someone taking away my security and assets, in what feels like ~2 hours (Sookie time), with no recourse or recompense. *shudder*  Grrrr! stay away from my shit! *bared teeth*.  And I so saw the whole "I brought your house Sookie, to show I'm the only one who truly believed you'd come back, lets be lovers" thing right at the beginning.  This at least, is in a similar vein to the books, where Eric actually looks out for her. (unlike Bill, the douche.)

Bill is king?!  What the fuck?!  I just do not see him as a ruler.  Nope.  Doesn't fit.  And with power over Eric - not down with that.  So contrary to cannon.  I do look forward to their explanation of how that particular sitch came about however.  (he defeated Sophie-Anne Leclerq in their wee Matrix-style fight at the end of S03?)

And finally - the Jessica and Hoyt tangle; I agree with the romantic notion, but not the biology.  She is a new vamp and the world is a-fresh.  Go have some freaking fun, for godsake.  The whole point of the vampire fixation - abandoning your humanity, with the option of reclaiming it later, with full pardon.  You have the rest of eternity to play at being 'wifey'.  I see this plot line only ending in heartbreak, which is sad, because these two characters have been done well in the HBO version.

Good things and bad, swings and roundabouts.

I might truly have to start watching this series with the 'new story' aspect in mind, and stop comparing it to the books.  Which is always so hard to do.

However - Escapism at its best.

Rock on low-cut singlets and leather jackets.

Rock on.


I have it!  I've started watching it - but I only got through the opening credits/recap before I had to stop and have a calming breath.  Like a good book you have to ration to make it last longer, or finish it only to turn straight back to the beginning.  Godamn fast reading speed - you can't really watch slower can you?!

Still a rookie.

(Goooooood poster!)

My fridge is covered already

Sometimes I wish I had a bigger fridge so that I might have room for more such awesomeness as this.

3D zombie magnets, from here, via Boing Boing.

Think of the options!

T shirts are so in right now

And these are stupendous.

Amazing.  Via Hello IATD.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Repeat

From those bloody Lynx ads, playing in the cinema for like, ten bazillion hours. (the long version).  I love classical music and something about this just tickles my Temporal Lobe.

For shame, young child

The Authoress is kicking her heels in Canada (ok, so there might be a conference involved there, somewhere) and I was getting all ready to photoshop an image to send to her - the rugby team in the spa pool I installed in the yard the day she left.  (and just to explain that statement - the running joke claims that all the hot boys come around when she leaves).

In my epic naivete, I thought - Google images will hook me up with some starting material.

Let me tell you - there is no way you can possibly frame that image request to achieve the desired outcome, and not receive a face full of porn.

My eyes are bleeding.

Bleeding, I tell you.


"Ireland has the coolest castles" via Super Punch.

Beautiful shot.

This particular one is, apparently, the Rock of Cashel.  I'm pretty sure that's where the Farm Girl is living.  Those sheep in the foreground are her PhD.

I applaud both your skill and your subject matter

Jennifer Ofenstein made a beautiful quilt - took her 2 years and was finished in 2007.

Harry Potter Quilt

I don't know how it was kept quiet for so long!  Makes me want to try a theme rather than just 'pretty material I like'.  Just imagine the possibilities for a science quilt!

Love the Snape.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pie Charts for the win!

This has been kicking about in my "awesome things to share" bookmarks folder all week and the Farm Girl has beaten me to the punch.  So - double share!
Had to fix this chart.
Ring came before diary; cup came before locket.
Soon my lovelies  soon.

I do however doubt the precise 50/50 split.  Surely keeping a massive half of your soul in one horcrux would be foolish.  I prefer the 'undefined small piece' split off each time.  Enough for an anchor to life, but not so much that if your first horcrux was destroyed or failed, you would be left with so little soul.

Dream wedding

In a museum.  With T Rex in the pics.  Want!

The cute and delicious wedding.

I even love the centre pieces.  Books!  Beautiful, glorious books!

I wonder if you can do this easily?  Rent out a museum for a wedding.  Think of the possibilities!  The buildings are nearly always beautiful too.  Ooooo what about art galleries?  The really good ones in big cities...

The possibilities...

Now I just need to sort some of the other (essential?!) requirements.

Beeeeautiful Vibrations

I watched this vid twice before I even realised what I was doing.  Amazing.

Also good for sudden zombies

But only for use on (in?) the sparkly ones, not the True(Blood) ones.


Which come back tomorrow! Squeeee!

Via Super Punch.

*sigh*. Really Hamilton?


Thanks, Google Earth.  Appearing on Boing Boing (and multiple other places).  The principal had the caretaker try and dull the images with weed killer (this is back in '09).  Pity on the bad timing for the Google shots!  (bad timing?  Or epic?!)

Also - "...upset that his fine academic institution is represented..."

Good try 'tron.

Is yours on there?

For iPhone.  Do that many people still use '1234' these days?!  Sheesh!

Esp when you can buy things and lose money on your stupid, stupid phone. (Still jealous.  Might wait for the 5?)

Via Boing Boing, plus deets if you want the collection method.

Also, with double quotes:

""Interestingly, 1990-2000 are all in the top 50, and 1980-1989 are all in the top 100. I would interpret this occurrence as a subset of users that set their passcodes to the year of their birth or graduation.""

Of course they did.  And I admit to a slight shudder for people born in the '00's having iPhones forgodsake.  Though not surprised at their being stupider in their password choice than my generation.  *Buffs nails*.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Crossing genres into...

...Wizarding tent!

I love you sneaky movie people!


Brilliant.  Conveniently the names are not hovering by.  How awkward would that be?  "Prof. McGonigle and Filch"


Via Geek in Heels.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Original mutants

I did mention how I thought the movie was more about exploring the relationship between Erik and Charles, but this is brill.

I...kind of agree.

(Also - Salivo?! Yuck!)

By Penny Arcade.

I love churches, if only for the art in glass

From the Thanksgiving Chapel in Dallas.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Emperor of Peka Peka

This is just so cool!

"The second-known emperor penguin to ever visit New Zealand shores has turned up on the Kapiti Coast.

Kapiti resident Christine Wilton was walking her dog on Monday afternoon at Peka Peka Beach when she saw a "glistening white thing standing up" on the sand.

"I thought I was seeing things," Ms Wilton said.

She contacted the Department of Conservation's Waikanae office, who discovered the strange visitor was an emperor penguin - only the second ever sighted on New Zealand's shores.

The one other recording of an emperor penguin in New Zealand was at Southland's Oreti Beach in 1967

Via Stuff. (and, I guess, 3 News, which is rocking out of my idiotbox right now)

Apparently they are getting hundreds of visitors, and the community (and DOC) have set up a volunteer guard. Beautiful community, amazing opportunity.

- via the iPod magic wand.

It holds my life in its....pod.

I use my 'pod for my calendar/diary, note taking, game playing, electronic reading, blog posting, internet surfing, but most importantly for music.  (have to drown out all the voices somehow).

That said, it is understandable that when it fucks up, this is what I actually feel like it is doing:

Like when you want to open science files on a PC, which when on a mac would be fine, you get this:

Makes my day.  Truly.

(My iPod is actually called Bingley.  All of my electronics are boys.  Strange?)

I've been looking for a good kitchen clock

If only they would actually make it, for sale, you could have your kitchen clock as whatever you wanted!


In Brightest Day

In Blackest Night

Obviously, we saw Green Lantern this evening, and I am left feeling quite... ambiguous about it.

The movie wasn't bad, exactly, just a bit...meh.

I liked Ryan Reynolds, he did a really good job (my kind of guy- funny and sarcastic), the girl was average (had a really weird chin) and the romantic scenes added nothing to the movie.  The kiwi actors were brill (I can't stop picturing Tem being cut open for study and the scientist gasping - "but he's a Maori!") and I liked the effects.  The baddie (monster baddie, not stereotyped jealous scientist baddie) was cool, and the immortal governing council could all count Dobby amongst their family trees.  I liked how the green lantern corps was made up of truly outlandish beings, and not mearly humanoids.

I applaud the attempt at purveying good morals too, but then that is what the classic super hero story is good for, no?  Triumph in the face of adversity, good winning the day from evil, and achieving it through honorable means.  Morals from comics, rather than bibles.  Brill.

The actual resolution of the baddie actually took very little time from the movie, most of it being concerned with building the hero's character.  The blatant setup for the sequel at the end will no doubt give us more action next time.

So, I didn't love it, but I'm not hatin', and I'm pleased I saw it.  Probably wouldn't see it again.


It's the longest night tonight, and I can't help feeling like I should be offering up a sacrifice to Hecate or something to ensure my future good fortune on the run down to summer, and the T-word.  But let us not speak of such things.

In other news, we got the end of the labour pamphlet  drop bucket run today - about ten copies of each of the two propaganda versions dumped in the box. The poor kid obviously wanted his dinner.   Straight into the recycling bin for that lot.  I hope at least the green party refrains from such willful littering. If I want to know your policies, I'll look them up on ye old internets, thank you very much. (how 'bout a policy to keep those damn kids off my lawn?!).

I am also in a state of anticipation for Sunday, and the first episode in the new season of True Blood.  Whoop!

That pretty much covers all the hapnin' things.  Sleep tight 'homes, it's gonna be a cold one.

- via the iPod magic wand.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


From Norway in April and May of this year, this video by Terje Sørgjerd makes my eyes, and my brain, happy.  Music composed and performed by Marika Takeuchi.

The Arctic Light from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

I want to visit.

Some deets from the artist here.

"The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours. The sun is barely going below the horizon before coming up again. This is the most colorful light that I know, and the main reason I have been going up there for the last 4 years, at the exact
same time of year, to photograph."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are you having steak for dinner?

My Prof. is in the news:

Stuff and The NYT, if you would like to read more.  Google for Spanish and French versions :P

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is all Swings and Roundabouts. Driven by aliens.

The lovely Dancing Girl and I ventured out into the cold dark Dunedin night, this evening, to see Super 8.. I didn't really have expectations, apart for a minor propensity of goodwill towards it, and not any real knowledge of the plot. I hadn't heard much feedback about it, and had read no reviews, but am pleased to report:




Goooooood movie. The kids were absolutely brilliant, the story is fast moving but you still experience depth of character/s, and funny bits are peppered throughout like sprinkles on that lemon cupcake in the cafe on the corner you have been eyeing up all week (and you're fairly sure they're made fresh each day right?!)

And you certainly get a good, unexpected, shove-your-elbow-into-the-ribs-next-door thrill every so often.

So- good movie for all the reasons a movie should be good for, and not the usual fucked up ones which I tend to have a certain predilection for.

It'll be interesting to have a read of what the critics are saying, not that it really matters, but go see it: totes worth it bro.

(and yes, a minor planetoid just blew up somewhere in the universe as a result of my ruthless butchering of the English language.)


In other news, to match the destruction of the planetoid, the eighth sign of the apocalypse has occurred- I came home, after leaving Trouble in the lounge, 'cause I felt so mean tying him up out in the cold; and nothing was chewed, mauled, dragged about, sans stuffing, licked or out of place at all. I might take him to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. The poor dear must be frightfully sick.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spoilers! Sweetie, again.

Last Doctor Who episode till spring (ours, northern hemisphere autumn), and I just don't know what to say.  I am less on the edge of my seat in anticipation than I was last weekend, but perhaps I am preparing for the long wait without undue stress.

Or perhaps the cold that kicked me in the metaphorical nuts this morning has filled me with apathy.  And snot.

I will say however, that I am glad the universe has cottoned on to what excellent weapons pipettes make.

Good job Pond.  And I shan't say anything about the massive knowledge bomb dropped in the last few minutes of the episode in case peeps are watching it NZ time, but for how long have they planned this?  At least since the Tennant era.  And the Doctor's kissey face should be illegal.  How embarrassing (and yet oddly cute and endearing).

"Demons run When a good man goes to war.  Night will fall and down the sun When a good man goes to war.  Friendship dies and true love lies Night will fall and the dark will rise When a good man goes to war."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Speaking of upcoming Squeeeee!

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am a tax paying American and small business owner in the great state of Louisiana. I also happen to be a vampire." I also happen to be completely frickin' delectable.


"Is this another dream?", "It's not a dream".
and "Alcide - keep making that noise".

Oh man.

It's a new month, time for more mutants

How did that happen?

An absolute shocker writing on my fly bottles and having to put a 6 instead of a 5.  6th month, how can we be there already?!


We went to see First Class last night, and it was good.  Not quite great, but good.  I love background, and their trying to explain the science, without being scientific was hilarious.  The word mutation gets thrown about an awful lot, and the historic DNA symbolism is brill.  (brill funny, not brill science).

You see a whole different side of Charles, a side I quite liked - but then every geek girl is going to have a soft spot for horrific scientific pickup lines, deep, deep in her heart.  And it's the hilarious attempt that is worth the effort  (not to mention, his accent and manner of speech are just delicious).  Not much depth covered on the rest of the 'first class', but then the important thing is setting up the Prof, and Gandalf - so all is right with the world.

Logan has a wee cameo, pure gold.  (the Wolverine, not the kitten, though he too would have made the movie more epic)
KO with one paw
Such a flirt.  Adamantium claws well retracted.

Overall impression from the movie?  Makes me want to re-watch the others, now that I know a little more background. (never did get into comics).

Like a good Lit Review, making a Thesis better.
(Yeah, that's right, I threw the T word in there)

And - holysnowballsinhell - this movie franchise is now 11 years old.  Also - Kevin Bacon?! Ha.

The great thing about the movie experience at the moment (ignoring my rapidly advancing age) is all the great trailers out for the upcoming US summer movies.  Green Lantern (Whoop! anyone else having Blade3 flashbacks?!), Super 8, Captain America (that one will be interesting, I predict my liking it less), Transformers (Eeeee! Don't judge me - you know my taste in movies is horrendous).  And then the Harry Potter farewell... *preemptivesob* (also - HP film flock, 10 years old).  And we already know I loved Thor.

Pleasant dreams.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The urge to google

Sometimes I am struck by such an urge- and occasionally diamonds roll out of the muck.


Ok, so perhaps diamonds is too strong a word.

For example, in amongst my various evening activities this night (makes me sound industrious right? All lies- walked the dog, fed the zoo, made my own dinner and have been pissing about on the internets and text-machine since), I googled the word 'antique'.

This popped up as the first image result:


Good times.