Monday, May 30, 2011

So. Much. Fun.

Ice Hockey!

A cheerleading squad of us went to watch the Dunedin Thunder vs Canterbury Red Devils second game on Sunday - most fun I have had watching a sport in a long time.

The rules are epic - for example the ref's are in play, so you can bounce yourself or the puck off them and carry on.  You are allowed to smash the other players into the barriers, and there were at least 2 fights in the one game.  It went in to epic overtime to finish, with a draw so the teams traded off single players vs. goalie to score.  Nothing happened then both got one in, then nothing, then Thunder got one in and the Devils missed the rejoinder.  Crazy.  Loved it.  Going again.

It was of course, freezing cold.  But everyone rocks up in beanies and gloves, and have blankies for the knees - and hot chips for $2 during the breaks, where, using a machine called a Zamboni, they shave the ice.  Mean!  (are you picking up on my unrestrained childlike delight here, people?!)

Def going to try for tickets to the US vs Canada game later on in the year.  That shit will be brutal!  Whoop!

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