Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Ireland's Birthday, and I want to be a Trophy

I made cake (ugly, ugly cake) for the birthday girl and we are keeping it in the Tupperware cake keeper, which, I can tell you - is everything it sells itself to be :P (love it!).  We have decided we are turning into our mothers, Tupper and all.

The cake, despite being the ugliest creation known to man, is mud, and has a whole block of Dream in its ganache icing.  Qualities worth far more than aesthetics.


Ireland rounded up a delightful quartet of females to see Potiche for the birthday, a French comedy about a 1977 (love the clothes!) trophy housewife who takes up management of the umbrella factory when her husband falls ill. 

It was a brilliant film - very funny, and I was treated to the Arts majors' thoughts, whereby french film is better able to portray realistic interpersonal relationships.  Think Hollywood, "I love you! lets get married!", and more 'real' life where the protagonist may love two men and decide to stay in a mediocre marriage.  A film where the audience is not assumed to be stupid, and every plot device is not fully explained.  (I love that shit, back to Uni?!...). 

The ending, while surreal (breaking into song?!) was lovely - the 'trophy housewife' wins the MP seat for the area, after fighting one of her loves for the position. 

Very feel good, very lovely.

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