Sunday, May 8, 2011

Forgive me, ancestors

For I have sinned, and reacted like a fangirl.

A big group of us went to see Thor yesterday afternoon, and there was swooning, and there was minor hyperventilation.

Very embarrassing for such enlightened folks (I kid, it's totally understandable), just look:

The plot was not the worst I have ever seen, but this one definitely falls into the group 'one for the girls'. I don't think the boys were quite as enraptured as we were, but the the walk-out was so full of tittering and giggles I doubt we would have heard them say anything at any rate.

Natalie Portman is ok, and the entire Skarsgard family is always going to get my vote, even if it is perhaps not always deserved. (I think the younger Skarsgard would have filled the role of Thor quite admirably, but then I am hardly an impartial judge :P). Chris' beautiful beard, hair and bulk go a good way towards erasing his 'home and away' past, thank god, and I look forward to the role reprisal in Avengers next year.

Thank you Marvel, for providing such brilliant means of escapism. We're looking forward to First Class (squee!) and Green Lantern, and Captain America (slightly less so, for the last). Bring it!

- via the iPod magic wand.

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