Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another new month

Time flies when you're

It has been a sad autumn, peeps leaving the city in the biannual Dunedin student clear out.  TC and the Canadian have moved to Melbourne (separately, with/to be with respective SO's - what scandal if otherwise!) and I miss them both at the weekly catch ups. (be it pub or cafe - who's counting?!).

The Brain (neuronal) and the Brain (everything.  Seriously, everything.) have moved to Pittsburgh (postdoc, the witch) and Auckland respectively, and things are just not the same.

The sister +1 are in London, need I say more?

And then the loss reminds you of other peeps you miss who moved out of the fridge, and the cycle continues.

I do not approve of such change.  Perhaps I should start a countdown of when I am to follow, since the year is passing so quickly; it seems not as bad an idea as it otherwise would be.

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