Friday, April 22, 2011


Events construed to provide a day like no other at the end of last week; to mark the passing of a friends birthday, a group of young men in my department conspired to dress like him in tribute.

It just so happens that this young man dresses quite formally- all of the time.

I tell you- the department was all a flutter.

What is it about a man in full dress that renders him so much more desirable than normal? The personality and knowledge base remain constant- it is only your superficial prejudice of the person that is effected.

We, the daughters of science and pursuers of higher knowledge, still have our heads turned by a nice shirt.

And thus we come to one of the great draws of a much beloved film- Darcy in tails, compete with waistcoat and neckcloth.

Oh, that all young gentlemen dressed so, more oft.

(do you like how every point may be related to that movie?!)

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