Friday, April 22, 2011

Sucker Knuckle

Last Friday a couple of friends and I went out for Thai Kai and SuckerPunch.  And I was pleasantly surprised (by the movie, not the food - I was expecting the food to be good).

I loved it.  We all did - I think it helps that we went in with no expectations, we had all heard from people who had seen it and not liked it, but whom were expecting something different.

It's pretty much just an action fantasy, full of beautiful women kicking butt.  But the plot is convoluted and there is no attempt to assume the audience is dumber than your average farm post - things are left unsaid, unexplained and ultimately inexplicable.  Which was a refreshing change.

Also - no happy ending for the protagonist.

I loved the music and the cinematography, elements of Kill Bill, Sin City, 300 and Watchmen (of which half make sense, considering the writer/director).

Also of note, the wee girl child from those horrific singing movies, Vanessa Hudgens, was said to have remarked that she was now an adult, from being in this movie - sorry sweetheart, you were the worst part, and still amusingly childlike in your acting.  Urgh.

In contrast - on Saturday, we attending the Southern Symphonia and City of Dunedin Choir's (beautiful website, btw) performance of Bach's Mass in B Minor.

It was absolutely wonderful.  I am already looking forward to Belshazzar's Feast later in the year.

On another side note, I have now been asked my two separate people why I don't sing - and by extension, join their different choirs.  First of all, one may be able to be completely transported, enraptured and in awe of music, without having an ounce of musical talent themselves.  I dare say ticket sales would suffer horribly if such was the case.  That said, let me reassure all of you - I promise to only sing in my shower and car - your ears are quite safe.

Bring on the next movie/concert!

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