Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Otago Uni News

Looks like the old alma mater has finally got its ducks in a row - lining up the honours program, with the rest of the NZ universities, at least.

Traditionally Otago ran its honours program as a four year degree, with an extra class in 3rd year and a fourth year with more papers and a project (I generalise, while leaning towards the Sciences system), no graduation allowed in between the two, and with any three year graduated bachelor from other universities excluded from the program itself.  (Different again from the 4 year degree, where you graduate 'with honours'.  It's different, trust me).

Now the system falls into the 'three plus one' model, where on your CV, the qualifications section looks more impressive - with two lines, instead of the one. 

Stellar reporting from the ODT, like usual, with this being my favourite paragraph:

"The postgraduate year model would also "greatly improve" Otago's rate of progression to postgraduate study, as measured by the Tertiary Education Commission, the report said. Because of the many four-year honours degrees Otago offered now, its progression rate was the second lowest of all the universities."

Lovely.  Data manipulation much?!  Sheesh.  Though, all the other kids are doing it (and have been for a long time), so why not?

Also - love the picture of young Skegg.  Always a nice touch.

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