Friday, April 15, 2011

Coolness Roundup

I really, really want this print for my walls, my future house would greatly benefit from the addition to my art collection:

By the Brilliant Jason Levesque.

The Infographic to end all Infographics:

By Ivan Cash.

Super crazy, noobish engagement:

From here.  It's not ok.

Beautiful nesting dolls:

Via Super Punch.  Delightful.  Unknown artist.

The Geek Astrology Chart:

Here for the larger version.  Also seen on Pharyngula.  I am amused to see myself as 'Alien'.  Perfect.

Brilliant books, would-be written by HP characters.  Would not read.

Lovely.  Via BuzzFeed, by Amy Sly.  Good work.

Beautiful skeletal jewelery, by Joyeria.

For sale on Etsy, via BoingBoing.  The sternum necklace is a killer.  Doubt I would wear any of it, but I dig the idea.

And finally, Travellers Settlers.

Want, like you wouldn't believe.  Just look at the weeny cards!  Cute!

Via BoingBoing, that warehouse of awesome.

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