Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy like a bee

It's been a hella busy fortnight, awesome, crazy busy tinged with a wee dash of sadness.  One of my most favourite people came for a visit to Dunedin after several months absence, I went up north to Mum and Dad's for my wee brothers 21st (the kind of event that turns into an extended family and family-friend reunion - old childhood friends from Taupo, cousins, cousins kids and so on.  Smashing good fun, God I miss them all). 

The sister and her boy had their family engagement celebration come farewell on your OE brunch last Sunday, and got more pressies - so it turned out to be a weekend of presents for everyone, except me.  (bar that one brilliant family who got me a card and beautiful jewelery set, just for being awesome - and not getting any presents :P).  The intrepid couple departed Auckland airport in the wee early hours of yesterday morning and have just recently left Singapore.  Shall I lament on the extent of my jealousy?!  They check in with our brilliant family friends in London Thursday evening, their time, and are getting picked up from the airport, the wee scaredy darlings.  The sister has a job interview on their Friday, all things go from the outset.

The boys all went fishing several mornings and consistently brought back the limit of snapper, to our delight.  I raided the parents preserves cabinet and abducted jars of bottled peaches, relish and my dad's super special chili jam.  (super amazingly productive vege/fruit garden, that one).

The parents pad is being renovated so the house was surrounded by builders, plumbers, scaffolders, roofers and the occasional electrician.  One wall and the door of my room consisted of old sheets staple gunned to the wall struts.  Like living in a circus tent.  Strangely apt, for the Morgan household.

Trouble came home with me, and having him back is beautiful.  That wee dog charms the pants off everyone he meets, and I have missed him like chocolate. (the choc ban is still running, 8 days to go!).

Unfortunately, my mothers dog (and children-out-of-the-nest substitute) broke his other leg and was put down this week, which is quite heart wrenching.  That big house is going to be a little quiet for a wee while.

Lots of cultural events this week to take the mind off the jealousy/home-family sickness (not really...)/dog grief and so on, and I am hoping my epic shipment of primers comes in early next week to get this train on the road.

Next station, summer!

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