Friday, April 29, 2011

Cracker Packer

Dunedin winter can produce some cracker days; today is one such beautiful example - perfectly crisp in the morning so you might wear your full wool coat and favourite scarf with good reason, and completely clear freshly scrubbed sky to occupy your wandering eyes whilst being barred from your lab by the film crew.

HP Art, want.

Graphic summaries of the books, neat! The rest, on-site.
Succinct.  Want!

Real...not real

Like the original platypus, beautiful taxidermy fakes.
Cage 195 Date 2007
Cage 195 Date 2007
Here.  It's art, people.  Lovely.  (some of them cross the line into just creepy...)

Neat! Oragami animals have bones

Some here via SuperPunch

That's actually bones printed on to translucent material which is then folded up.  I am in awe.

Nana! Nana!! Come quick!!

I have a project for you!

I'm sending the pattern to Mum to pass on right now.

I am so excited.  (none of this beige bollocks however, I'm thinking hot pink? toxic green?)

Also - how rocking is this dude?!  Respect.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sucker Knuckle

Last Friday a couple of friends and I went out for Thai Kai and SuckerPunch.  And I was pleasantly surprised (by the movie, not the food - I was expecting the food to be good).

I loved it.  We all did - I think it helps that we went in with no expectations, we had all heard from people who had seen it and not liked it, but whom were expecting something different.

It's pretty much just an action fantasy, full of beautiful women kicking butt.  But the plot is convoluted and there is no attempt to assume the audience is dumber than your average farm post - things are left unsaid, unexplained and ultimately inexplicable.  Which was a refreshing change.

Also - no happy ending for the protagonist.

I loved the music and the cinematography, elements of Kill Bill, Sin City, 300 and Watchmen (of which half make sense, considering the writer/director).

Also of note, the wee girl child from those horrific singing movies, Vanessa Hudgens, was said to have remarked that she was now an adult, from being in this movie - sorry sweetheart, you were the worst part, and still amusingly childlike in your acting.  Urgh.

In contrast - on Saturday, we attending the Southern Symphonia and City of Dunedin Choir's (beautiful website, btw) performance of Bach's Mass in B Minor.

It was absolutely wonderful.  I am already looking forward to Belshazzar's Feast later in the year.

On another side note, I have now been asked my two separate people why I don't sing - and by extension, join their different choirs.  First of all, one may be able to be completely transported, enraptured and in awe of music, without having an ounce of musical talent themselves.  I dare say ticket sales would suffer horribly if such was the case.  That said, let me reassure all of you - I promise to only sing in my shower and car - your ears are quite safe.

Bring on the next movie/concert!


Events construed to provide a day like no other at the end of last week; to mark the passing of a friends birthday, a group of young men in my department conspired to dress like him in tribute.

It just so happens that this young man dresses quite formally- all of the time.

I tell you- the department was all a flutter.

What is it about a man in full dress that renders him so much more desirable than normal? The personality and knowledge base remain constant- it is only your superficial prejudice of the person that is effected.

We, the daughters of science and pursuers of higher knowledge, still have our heads turned by a nice shirt.

And thus we come to one of the great draws of a much beloved film- Darcy in tails, compete with waistcoat and neckcloth.

Oh, that all young gentlemen dressed so, more oft.

(do you like how every point may be related to that movie?!)

Hey! I know him!

Homeboy is once again, famous.

Everyone loves babies!

Oh My, "Nana! come quick!"


I wish I could retain the rules to knitting, but they just seem to slip right out of my head...

Absolutely darling.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Repeat

"Sometimes when Supe was stopping crimes I'll bet that he was tempted to just quit and turn his back On man, join Tarzan in the forest"

I feel ya.

Also - epic early 90's video.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Otago Uni News

Looks like the old alma mater has finally got its ducks in a row - lining up the honours program, with the rest of the NZ universities, at least.

Traditionally Otago ran its honours program as a four year degree, with an extra class in 3rd year and a fourth year with more papers and a project (I generalise, while leaning towards the Sciences system), no graduation allowed in between the two, and with any three year graduated bachelor from other universities excluded from the program itself.  (Different again from the 4 year degree, where you graduate 'with honours'.  It's different, trust me).

Now the system falls into the 'three plus one' model, where on your CV, the qualifications section looks more impressive - with two lines, instead of the one. 

Stellar reporting from the ODT, like usual, with this being my favourite paragraph:

"The postgraduate year model would also "greatly improve" Otago's rate of progression to postgraduate study, as measured by the Tertiary Education Commission, the report said. Because of the many four-year honours degrees Otago offered now, its progression rate was the second lowest of all the universities."

Lovely.  Data manipulation much?!  Sheesh.  Though, all the other kids are doing it (and have been for a long time), so why not?

Also - love the picture of young Skegg.  Always a nice touch.


These are just beautiful

KahiKai images.  I shan't post any for fear of my copyrighted life, but just go look.


I could make a patchwork version!

Want, like you wouldn't believe.  Not for my bed, but for the future childrens'.  Oh the joy!  (they will thank me in the end :P ).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Coolness Roundup

I really, really want this print for my walls, my future house would greatly benefit from the addition to my art collection:

By the Brilliant Jason Levesque.

The Infographic to end all Infographics:

By Ivan Cash.

Super crazy, noobish engagement:

From here.  It's not ok.

Beautiful nesting dolls:

Via Super Punch.  Delightful.  Unknown artist.

The Geek Astrology Chart:

Here for the larger version.  Also seen on Pharyngula.  I am amused to see myself as 'Alien'.  Perfect.

Brilliant books, would-be written by HP characters.  Would not read.

Lovely.  Via BuzzFeed, by Amy Sly.  Good work.

Beautiful skeletal jewelery, by Joyeria.

For sale on Etsy, via BoingBoing.  The sternum necklace is a killer.  Doubt I would wear any of it, but I dig the idea.

And finally, Travellers Settlers.

Want, like you wouldn't believe.  Just look at the weeny cards!  Cute!

Via BoingBoing, that warehouse of awesome.

Busy like a bee

It's been a hella busy fortnight, awesome, crazy busy tinged with a wee dash of sadness.  One of my most favourite people came for a visit to Dunedin after several months absence, I went up north to Mum and Dad's for my wee brothers 21st (the kind of event that turns into an extended family and family-friend reunion - old childhood friends from Taupo, cousins, cousins kids and so on.  Smashing good fun, God I miss them all). 

The sister and her boy had their family engagement celebration come farewell on your OE brunch last Sunday, and got more pressies - so it turned out to be a weekend of presents for everyone, except me.  (bar that one brilliant family who got me a card and beautiful jewelery set, just for being awesome - and not getting any presents :P).  The intrepid couple departed Auckland airport in the wee early hours of yesterday morning and have just recently left Singapore.  Shall I lament on the extent of my jealousy?!  They check in with our brilliant family friends in London Thursday evening, their time, and are getting picked up from the airport, the wee scaredy darlings.  The sister has a job interview on their Friday, all things go from the outset.

The boys all went fishing several mornings and consistently brought back the limit of snapper, to our delight.  I raided the parents preserves cabinet and abducted jars of bottled peaches, relish and my dad's super special chili jam.  (super amazingly productive vege/fruit garden, that one).

The parents pad is being renovated so the house was surrounded by builders, plumbers, scaffolders, roofers and the occasional electrician.  One wall and the door of my room consisted of old sheets staple gunned to the wall struts.  Like living in a circus tent.  Strangely apt, for the Morgan household.

Trouble came home with me, and having him back is beautiful.  That wee dog charms the pants off everyone he meets, and I have missed him like chocolate. (the choc ban is still running, 8 days to go!).

Unfortunately, my mothers dog (and children-out-of-the-nest substitute) broke his other leg and was put down this week, which is quite heart wrenching.  That big house is going to be a little quiet for a wee while.

Lots of cultural events this week to take the mind off the jealousy/home-family sickness (not really...)/dog grief and so on, and I am hoping my epic shipment of primers comes in early next week to get this train on the road.

Next station, summer!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Repeat

The Tokens.  Epic, no matter how old you are.

You're singing along right now aren't you?  The best song to belt out in your car on long distance trips.  Crank that shit up and let it rip.  Such a beautiful singing voice you have...


Pulling out my Southern Genes for Winter

Recent publishing of my ramblings on Sciblogs:

Interview with a Science Communicator - the beautiful Helen Abbott

A lament over the ever present 'women in science' issues

My thoughts on Stephen Hawking's latest book

A creative outlet in a serious world

Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful 'Ray

Just look!
X-ray of Heliotrygon gomesi, preadult male.
Is that not gorgeous?!  An x-ray of a new species of stingray found in the Amazon.  The new genus is dubbed 'Heliotrygon', and you can read more about them here.

I love that new things are still being discovered and surprising people.

Photo credit to Ken Jones.