Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tongue tied

An extremely abnormal occurrence...occurred this morning.

I went in to my currant fav coffee house and was confronted with my lady-barista, with a new piecing.

Bull styles.

I was fully flabbergasted and couldn't force words out for what felt like a good 10 seconds.

My brain just froze.  I was thinking "sweet new piercing", but my mind-voice was so sarcastically toned I couldn't let it past my lips, but being all I could think of there was no room for other conversation.

I think I covered it up well - I prevaricated and changed my order to something completely abnormal so she thought I was just confused about the coffee...well, I should be so lucky.  (I'm a trim flat white kind of girl, and as I'm sure you've picked up, I don't change very often.  Coffee, Paasha, cleaning routine, breakfast, Poppas, love... ha).

We got over our awkward little moment by her commenting on my sweet, sweet new necklace (a wee red tiki on a ball chain I made last night from a pair of earrings), and lamenting that I always had the coolest of necklaces.  To which I replied, "yes, yes I do - it's my goal in life".

It's the truth.  Selection/assembly of necklaces and earrings: one of my (limited) skills.

So this morning I have felt completely off kilter from having no words (the horror!) and then completely at ease with such a lovely complement - because of its truth (*cough*) and the fact that she remembers me, let alone my necklace collection. 

But then, I do drink a lot of coffee.

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