Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sci Fi Freak

Turns out the headache over the last couple of days was a prelude to a cold, which today took a happy little vacation down to my lungs.

I am mucus girl.

So I stocked up on the tissues, pulpy juice and spiralina smoothies, and have been knocking back the vit c and salbutamol like a trooper. Slept all afternoon and then caught the early showing of 'I am number four' with one of my Good Peeps. Back home and in bed by 9pm.

This particular GP moves to Melbourne on Sunday and time is, as ever, running out.

I was running a bit late this evening and forwent the cheese burger pickup till after the movie (traveling and snot-food, only time I crave that crap) only to get there first, cause GP was making her own run to the golden arches. Oh the irony.

Anyway- the movie.

Super, super powers, aliens, baddies in black with epic guns and glowing red eyes, shape shifting beasties with teeth- the perfect elements for a tacky, epic masterpiece. Take out the awful, disgusting, hormonal, teenage romance bullshite, and you have left only the brilliant cliches you need in such a movie.

Plus you know, this guy:


Loved him in Hitman.

But - what was in the damn silver box?! Looks like I'm either waiting for the next movie, or reading the books. Shall investigate the crud-level and get back to you :D

- via the iPod magic wand.

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