Monday, March 7, 2011

An Open Letter

To the Marketing Manager of World Fitness and colleagues,

Re. Your promotional detritus littering the cars and streets in North Dunedin

I have been disappointed to discover you and several other unfortunate companies have resumed the reprehensible practice of distributing promotional flyers under the windscreen wipers of cars parked along Dundas and Castle Streets around the Student Ghetto.

Not only are you contributing to the disgusting filth pit that is the student quarter, since most people rip the things off in anger and drop them straight onto the street, but you are wasting finite resources in an ever sickening world. Is your paper un-bleached and recycled? Are your inks environmentally friendly? No gain in company revenue could be worth the direct harm you are causing our local environment.

As an advertising strategy, you are surely missing the mark, since you achieve nothing but resigned indignation if not direct anger, in the people you are trying to entice towards your business. Further, the people that use the majority of the parks along those streets are employed at the University and do not live within the confines of the ghetto – thus you add insult by targeting an audience whom you ignore completely over the majority of the year.

If you are specifically wishing to target students in their second year of flatting I recommend you take out an ad in the student magazine, Critic, or request permission to put up posters on the OUSA managed bollards around campus. That way you might attract notice from first and third years as well, not to mention the ever elusive postgrads.

Cease this reprehensible practice of throwing your promotional litter about the Ghetto.

The Genetically Insane.


  1. I can't remember the last time I picked up/read a critic...

  2. Shuddup! Better that than under my damn windscreen wipers! Then we can ignore the lot in peace.

    Since, you know, no one actually reads critic these days.

    *sigh* It used to be so good, back in the day. When it was non-gloss and good for toilet paper...

  3. Critic hasn't been any good since 1996 - at least it was actually a newspaper then.
    World doesn't have a marketing manger, it's not that big an operation. The manager's name is Chris and she's lovely.
    And surely if they're putting them under windscreen wipers it's tit for tat? People driving in north dunedin (and why would you?) aren't exactly doing much for the environment or the dampening of the annoyance level of people around them either!

  4. Have to disagree, especially when the driver lives further than 10minutes out and not near a convenient bus route. Plus, how can you excuse the willful spreading of rubbish?

    How's the thesis coming along? Must be so hard to bother with it, with such a beautiful baby to play with!