Thursday, March 10, 2011


So help me, I fake baked.  The baking goddesses are shaking their heads in horror.

Our Lab Manager's wife is bringing in their new baby today for morning tea (to have tea with us, not to have the baby for morning tea), and everyone 'baked a little'.

I foresee a massive baking spread.

Anyway - my cupboards and wallet are relatively empty, so I picked up some sponge, and whipped up some mascapone cheese and a cream based chocolate mousse filling.  Sliced the two sponges in half and went nuts with the filling.  Wrapped and chilled, I'll finish them off with sifted icing sugar at morning tea.

(The glass was just there.  Strange huh?)

Simple - and the wee edge I tried last night blew my socks off.

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