Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have been getting updates on the behavior and various antics of Trouble since I abandoned him, to expensive dog food and long beach walks with his Nana, on Saturday.

Now, for such a wee dog he accumulates more than his fair share of nicknames- the current relevant one being 'Ninja'.

He is both as black as night- and as sneaky as all hell. He obviously puts said attributes to good use - sneaking out bags of Anzac biscuits and darting out open doors before you can blink.

A new one for the books, however- he was caught up on the bed in the second room downstairs, the first room past the garden gate, pushing the curtains out of the way and readying himself for a break to freedom through the window frame. No doubt the neighbors would have appreciated the visits and the harbour would have been just *asking* for a good running on.

His enthusiastic snuffling was heard, unfortunately, and now the window will remain latched.

How long till he works out the sewing table is a perfect ladder to more open windows?!

(I do so miss my wee truck load of Trouble...)

- via the iPod magic wand.

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