Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too late at night for so many thoughts

Life is strange.

I read a piece in Sciature (cannot recall which) recently concerning the average time length of hugs- 3 seconds, apparently. The article went into some detail about this magic time interval of 3 seconds being found all over the show, and made the offhand note of it being the 'timing of the human spirit'.


I do relate to the snapshot theory of life experiences, though- most of the day passes without your notice and suddenly you find yourself fully cognizant of the moment and struggling to type, in bed, on your iPod. (taking longer than 3 seconds, I promise you)

And note, my summation of this situation in light of current events:

A PhD is like a dream- some parts mystical, some fantabulous, and some parts so nightmarish all you wish is to wake up. And like a dream, one day you do awake to find you are both 25 years elderly and in the fourth year of your thesis studies.

Christ, just hit the blessed snooze button.

(looked it up, was Science: Here)

- via the iPod magic wand.

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