Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shakin' in our boots

Re bloody Christchurch's most recent disco.

I'm parked on my couch with news TV, email, twitter and Internet, cell phone and landline soaking up the news.

One person left to hear about from the immediates and our extended cohort survived.

Luck? I don't like that thought.

Everybody knows everybody and it's pretty horrific. Fatalities counter increasing and every new picture makes you wonder how anybody will even be comprehending the mourning and cleanup to come.

I take back my assertion from the first quake that you would rather be anywhere else- it's much worse being on the outside looking in, not knowing and being completely unable to help in any way.

Christ but I'd like a hug.

How are you? Do you need a blanket?

- via the iPod magic wand.

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