Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living with an Authoress

God, but its hard work.  She's all like *normal* and shit.  Shocking.

Media coverage of her new book at Rossland News, its funny the things you learn about people via their media interviews...

Yeah, that's just too strange.

Pretty cool stuff.  I live in awe.


  1. It sounds like a pretty interesting book, is it stocked anywhere in Dunedin?

  2. Lisa has a couple, not sure if she is selling them, I brought my copy on Amazon here, delayed a bit due to something or other, should be here soon.

    I'll hook you up with a signing sesh :P

  3. Awesome, I might just order it once I'm overseas - I don't think it would get here before I leave. Means I'll miss out on the signing though, darn!

  4. Sarah - I'm flattered! Also that's probably the first time anyone has ever described me as "normal". I also have one or two spare copies so if Katie wants to pick one up can you give her my contacts? Don't want to post them on the intrawebby thing.

  5. That would be awesome thanks Lisa, it'll give me something to read on the plane. I'll give the money to Sarah on Thursday :)