Monday, February 14, 2011

The King's Suit Pants

Went to see The King's Speech, and I fully rate it!

I guess in the interests of full disclosure- I am unlikely to disapprove of any movie with Colin Firth in beautiful suits, but sheesh, that man can pull off a stutter- the pain and strain and heart breaking *despair*.

Colour me impressed.

Always a fan of Helena's too.
And I *know* I really shouldn't, but I love the English monarchy- the history and tradition. The clothes and pursuits, the romance and the power. Most definitely far removed from the truth of the situation, but still- a girl can daydream.

And the truth comes out: deep underneath the crispy coating the girl is a hopeless, old school romantic.

How appropriate on this day of rotten hearts and broken rose stems.


I apologise.

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