Monday, February 28, 2011

The minions continue

to be exciting.

They are growing a sweet, sweet lattice structure within the folds of the collapsed previous biofilm.



The house is empty again - the sister, fiance and baby have gone back to Crunchy, Katie to volunteer with the clean up and Grant back to work, if you can believe it.

I miss having 'babies' in the house already.

Need some epic sleep, that's for sure - and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold, which has put me in a filthy mood.

Sleep will fix that right up.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Official Refugee Residence

The sister and fiance and dog are ensconced in my lounge.
Jumping at every floor creak and truck driving past.  And of course - enjoying the bathroom.

Fair enough.


On a side note, they had the dog booked in for a groom this weekend in Crunchy, obviously not going to happen, so I rang my groomer here in Dunedin and they squeezed him in special (usually booked two weeks plus, in advance).  So massive thanks to Mudpuppy, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a groomer or dog food supplier.  (big freezers full of every kind of meat, and $1.50 frozen bones - perfect!).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Helping

Jesusfuck but the helicopter footage looks bad. Chrunchy old chch eh?

Have had reports from the whanau: the sister has a bruised back from being thrown into the wall at work and affianced brotherinlaw was under the ANZ building in the fucking cathedral square, grabbed a tree and had the ground open up right in front of him, showered with glass from above. Grabbed a mate and a car, picked up the sister and peeled off home. Left all his shit in the building.

They're obviously still in shock, not much sinking in. Power back on in Avonhead, sketchy Internet access.

Footage of the rescue efforts, international now, coming through from the Canterbury TV building - visuals of blood splattered, sheet wrapped bodies pulled from wreckage and being stacked in a clear bit of land. This can hardly be helping.

I doubt the city will be sleeping.

- via the iPod magic wand.

Shakin' in our boots

Re bloody Christchurch's most recent disco.

I'm parked on my couch with news TV, email, twitter and Internet, cell phone and landline soaking up the news.

One person left to hear about from the immediates and our extended cohort survived.

Luck? I don't like that thought.

Everybody knows everybody and it's pretty horrific. Fatalities counter increasing and every new picture makes you wonder how anybody will even be comprehending the mourning and cleanup to come.

I take back my assertion from the first quake that you would rather be anywhere else- it's much worse being on the outside looking in, not knowing and being completely unable to help in any way.

Christ but I'd like a hug.

How are you? Do you need a blanket?

- via the iPod magic wand.

Friday, February 18, 2011

*Now* it's Official

Science picked it up. 

MRI scans of food, as mentioned here (selfplug!)

Still lovely.

Still a brilliant use of such equipment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Replacement minions

The sea monkeys died due to an algal bloom - which I left to propagate over the summer.

Upon coming back from holiday and lifting the bottle for inspection I found the entire population had adhered to the glass, clearing the water - and my picking it up disturbed the precarious balance causing the biofilm to fold in on itself.

So now its sits there swaying in the breeze (feet kicking the desk, vigorous typing etc) and releasing bubbles from within its folds. 


*and yes, I am aware of the erroneous spelling.  It's a disease, accept it.

Get *out* of my lunch!

To whom do you belong?!

And what are you doing in my salad?!

...and did you have any brother clusters?...

Living with an Authoress

God, but its hard work.  She's all like *normal* and shit.  Shocking.

Media coverage of her new book at Rossland News, its funny the things you learn about people via their media interviews...

Yeah, that's just too strange.

Pretty cool stuff.  I live in awe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cake! Flies! Lego!

A dream come true.

Here from the "Lego store in Glendale, CA".


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have been getting updates on the behavior and various antics of Trouble since I abandoned him, to expensive dog food and long beach walks with his Nana, on Saturday.

Now, for such a wee dog he accumulates more than his fair share of nicknames- the current relevant one being 'Ninja'.

He is both as black as night- and as sneaky as all hell. He obviously puts said attributes to good use - sneaking out bags of Anzac biscuits and darting out open doors before you can blink.

A new one for the books, however- he was caught up on the bed in the second room downstairs, the first room past the garden gate, pushing the curtains out of the way and readying himself for a break to freedom through the window frame. No doubt the neighbors would have appreciated the visits and the harbour would have been just *asking* for a good running on.

His enthusiastic snuffling was heard, unfortunately, and now the window will remain latched.

How long till he works out the sewing table is a perfect ladder to more open windows?!

(I do so miss my wee truck load of Trouble...)

- via the iPod magic wand.

Too late at night for so many thoughts

Life is strange.

I read a piece in Sciature (cannot recall which) recently concerning the average time length of hugs- 3 seconds, apparently. The article went into some detail about this magic time interval of 3 seconds being found all over the show, and made the offhand note of it being the 'timing of the human spirit'.


I do relate to the snapshot theory of life experiences, though- most of the day passes without your notice and suddenly you find yourself fully cognizant of the moment and struggling to type, in bed, on your iPod. (taking longer than 3 seconds, I promise you)

And note, my summation of this situation in light of current events:

A PhD is like a dream- some parts mystical, some fantabulous, and some parts so nightmarish all you wish is to wake up. And like a dream, one day you do awake to find you are both 25 years elderly and in the fourth year of your thesis studies.

Christ, just hit the blessed snooze button.

(looked it up, was Science: Here)

- via the iPod magic wand.




Not a fan of the overall shape - but that pattern! Sending *that* to my Nana post haste!

Thanks Neurula, you lovely :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

The King's Suit Pants

Went to see The King's Speech, and I fully rate it!

I guess in the interests of full disclosure- I am unlikely to disapprove of any movie with Colin Firth in beautiful suits, but sheesh, that man can pull off a stutter- the pain and strain and heart breaking *despair*.

Colour me impressed.

Always a fan of Helena's too.
And I *know* I really shouldn't, but I love the English monarchy- the history and tradition. The clothes and pursuits, the romance and the power. Most definitely far removed from the truth of the situation, but still- a girl can daydream.

And the truth comes out: deep underneath the crispy coating the girl is a hopeless, old school romantic.

How appropriate on this day of rotten hearts and broken rose stems.


I apologise.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Airport Sandwich

Back in Welly, back on the free wifi, on my way back home.

Where did the holiday go?

Trouble is staying with his Nana for 7 weeks so I can work day and night in the lab.  I'm actually looking forward to it - but I already miss the little bugger terribly.  It's just so lonely being on ones own!  Logan shall get some quality pat-time in for sure. 

Mum baked again last night and I nabbed a bag of Anzac's to take home - left them in my bag over night and my bag on the floor by my bed.  This morning we were wondering where he was - he usually watches breakfast going down; turns out - he had pulled the bag of biscuits out, dragged it out to the garden and was sharing his pilfered loot with his Uncle Fred.

Naughty boys.

Builders are turning up in a week to start gutting the roof and upstairs of Mum and Dad's latest house-project, hopefully the last (the whole family's fingers are crossed), so the dogs will have great fun barking at the builders.

Heard on the wee local Whakatane radio station yesterday that our new VC at Otago is to be Harlene Hayne, bit of a shock that.  Props though - first woman in the job, I look forward to see what she makes of it.  (Also - there is no way that woman looks 50! Massive props!).

The weather in Rotorua was just glorious and all the lakes were glassy smooth and very inviting.  Wellington is, of course, overcast and my hopes are not high for Dunedin.  Looks like my yearly recharge of Vitamin D is over.


Back to it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


..think I want the past hour 20 of my life back.

Still, a couple of gems amongst the muck:

The beast:

The end of the beast via explosives implanted (of course) in its brain:

The victorious couple (aka abs-cant-wear-a-shirt, and hot-chick-scientist-cause-she-wears-glasses), begun as enemies, ending as lovers with sharktopus sauce:

Want a run down of the plot?

Yeah, didn't think so.


Its happening

We have just put Sharktopus, the movie, on for its maiden screening.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Such episodes

of melancholy are hardly attractive.

I finally feel like I have had some summer - and some rest.  It has been about 35 degrees here for the last ~5 days and have swam in the lake (Rotoma, Manawahe - beautiful.), ocean and garden hose; to try and cool off.  In each case the water has been so warm it is only temporary relief.  Sheets are too hot at night, and showers are had luke warm at most.  We have been having ice cream sodas in the evenings and grapefruit & lemon frujus during the day.  Unfortunately the sewing room is the hottest in the house and is only tolerable in the evenings - with the fan on.

Seriously - some days it hurts to move, my poor Dunedin climed-body just wants to puke in such heat.  Lovely though - the Dunedin winter looms ever on the horizon, and a part of me is relishing the purge-inducing heat.

I'm taking pictures of every man and his dog, learning the character of my new camera - and loving it more every day.  I am having to delete masses once I have picked out my favs - far too much storage space needed.

The sister is up for work, they are so short of clinicians they have flown her up for a week to work in the Whaka and Tauranga clinics.  Mum is loving it and the dinner table is full again, for a short while at least.  It's much more fun fighting with two siblings rather than just one. 

Much more fun.

We made the run to Rotorua for fabric on Saturday and stocked up for several projects - Katie has a new top and a new dress finished already, I'm a'planning...

Trouble absolutely loves having full range of the huge house, and 7 beds to choose from for his naps, not counting the various couches and chairs he has claimed as his own.  With approval from uncle Fred, of course.  'Swimming' in the harbour at full tide and sprinting along the beach - what more could a black sheep want? (his hair has grown back a bit - he really feels like a black sheep.)

Mum's dog is going under tomorrow to see if the leg issue needs operating, and Nana has her fingers crossed for discharge papers in the morn.  She is looking much more normal and is able to move her arms and legs again which is obviously good news.  Mum baked ginger crunch and Anzac biscuits and Dad has been bottling jams and chutneys of his own device from his vege garden non-stop.  Some are amazing, some...need more work.  We have been soaking a fruitcake in brandy every couple of weeks and Mum iced it today - it was brought out with fiery candles amongst your typical horrific rendition of 'Happy Birthday', better late than never eh?  Good cake too.  No driving allowed after that one.

I have finished an arm load of books, and am honestly feeling about half way back to normal.  My neck has even stopped aching.  Amazing.  Tomorrow I shall read and sew and on Tuesday we are popping over to Tauranga to pick up the other Nana's new sewing cabinet (Mum has one, made in Australia, all closed up it looks like a wee cabinet, opened up it has spaces for several machines, draws, bits and bobs galore - magic) and meet the sister for a spot of lunch.  Might squeeze in a trip to the lake with the boat next week too, that would be brill.

Also - I swear I have eaten my own body volume in golden peaches and apricots.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Normal, relaxing holiday? Not if your name is Morgan

Sometimes I wonder at my luck - my holiday has so far consisted of sewing a dress for a wedding in two days, massive driving trips, the wedding itself, my Nana being admitted to hospital and Mum's dog breaking his leg (of the put-down variety, not he'll-be-right variety, find out for sure on Monday.).  The sister is up for a couple of days for work, and the builders arrive on Monday to start ripping out the kitchen.  We have had tropical cyclones and flooding in town, mini earth quakes and...

...and White Island has stopped smoking.

You should all be worried.

Whats next?  I just want to sleep!

Black and White

Weddings are one hell of a confusing event. They are beautiful and so on - a celebration of love and commitment and all the bollocks hardwired into a woman’s brain, and a hellava shove-in-your-face, look how happy and beautiful/well off/connected (etc etc) we are production.

So if you are happy and committed and well off and so on, you'll love it.

If you are a single, bitter, old woman you are most likely to being viewing the whole event through slightly green glasses, regardless of your state in life, your attachment to either bride or bridegroom or your own dreams and aspirations.

No clues to which group I belong.

At that however, the bride and groom looked unnaturally beautiful (it's an honesty - you will never again look (or have looked in the past) as good as you did on your wedding day) and the families were proud and delighted, what else is needed?

We poor (but awesome) lab students (and builder) spent a couple of nights in a tent, in a random edge of the Ashhurst domain, beside the cemetery, with no security and two bathroom shower/toilet stalls not at all up to my standard of cleanliness.  The 'kitchen' consisted of a bench, a sink and a zip.  Still, beautifully cheap, and quite the picturesque environment.  It rained heavily on only the one night and we mostly had beautiful weather during the day.  Friday afternoon we sat about in the sun and shade drinking red wine and eating crackers with various cheeses and pate, reading books and talking smack, then Friday night after collecting our missing fourth we drank too much and played Kings and Arseholes till the whole camp was undoubtedly exasperated with our volume and...'topics' of conversation.  Most fun I have had in ages.

Everything was so far away from everything else - the camp ground was about 20-30 minutes from the airport, and further on to the hens night activities and then further again to the wedding and then again to the reception. My mother lent us her wee micra (hilarious) which I drove down packed to the nines with camping equipment - back seats down and suspension stressed to the max, 6 hours drive from 8am on the Thursday morning, and then 7 hours home on Monday (floods and road wash outs - just my luck).

Saturday we met up with the lab peeps for lunch and then had 40 minutes in a hotel room to get ready. The ceremony was as every wedding ceremony has ever been, no comments needed really, it was a bit windy, but the rain held off which was perfect.

The most exciting bit of the weekend? Attending someone else’s reception. Yeah, that’s right. We drove off down the road, got a bit lost and asked the two cars following behind us if they were "going to the wedding?", yes of course - so we followed. Way up the valley, a new wedding party, beautiful venue, lovely cake - not our people. Second most fun I have had in a long time. Luckily, our favourite builder had beers in the boot and after we hooked Dad's GPS back up (no cell phone reception) we made it all the way back down the valley and to the marquee we were supposed to be at.

Just brill. I love this shit!

From thence it was 'normal'. Drinks, dinner, dancing. Well, too much drinks, the perfect amount of dinner, and not nearly enough dancing. There will never be enough dancing.







One event of drunken dancing with far too short a skirt being pulled up by not-so-subtle hands (resulting in exchange of numbers at the end of the night, all together now - Oooooooo!), several events involving dance floor collapse, and moves that should either be let out of the bag far more often - of left to hide in the dungeons of Dunedin. I have not yet decided which...

Got up early the next morning to drop people off at bus and airport, then went back to the tent to crash, way too tired to contemplate a long drive in such a state. I stayed an extra night for little to no sleep - the wind was howling and trying its best to pull the tent up completely, the grounds had emptied out and I was very conscious of the lack of security and presence of boy racers (scrounge that they are). Managed to pack up the tent and various detritus about 30 mins before the rain started in the morning and drove in it all the way to the northern end of the Desert Road.

Stopped in Taupo for a a trip down memory lane - the primary school, the old friends houses, the parks and the old house - it will never look as good as it did with my parents in the gardens. The brick where I used to make garden potions (various bits and pieces crushed to oblivion and a delightful paste) was still there, and still loose.


Ultimately a very disconcerting, but brilliantly fun weekend. Sometimes, I completely love the people around me.