Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have photos

I have started a Flickr account of my favourite photos (by me, not in general) so, you know, my Mum can see them.

Go have a look Mum!

31 Days till Christmas

And I have apricots!  New Zealand ones, true - but not the best yet.  Lacking the intense apricot flav.  Still - exciting!

And the Chrissie treat for the day -
Christmas tree Mini Microbe box
Christmas microbes

And Geek Wreaths! (The site has some cool stuff - plastic bottle and hard drive trees, plastic cup snowmen etc)

Buttons!  Squee!
Christmas Wreath made of buttons

Man, I make a good sandwich!

Best lettuce in the world!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Garden-life Faux pas

Ok, ok - I apologise for being quite so stupid.

Molluscs in my garden.

*hangs head in shame*

So, like every shamed scientist, I did a bit of reading to correct my gross lack of mollusc (and general?) knowledge, and came accross these.

Banana slug ( Ariolimax columbianus), pretty!

And sea slugs:
GorgeousThis little pretty (Glaucus atlanticus) floats about on its back feeding on Blue Bottles.  Photo by the doubtful guest.

Slugs are awesome(feeling both childish and over excited today, can you tell?!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Insect Influence

I shall admit to being subliminally effected by my home boy more than I ever thought - this evening I did the poop-round (you know you wanted to know that part, possibly the least-best part about having 'kids'...) and saw a slug!  Finally - I am witness to an insect in my own garden!
Then I saw some more
And then I saw a baby!
And then I ran inside to get the camera, documented the evidence for insects in my garden and then continued in my job.

And then I found some more!  In the dead (*sings*Oh Roundup I love you, Love you I dooooooo!) bit of the garden, and creepy creepy black.
And then more
And more!
My garden is a slug haven!  Was it the time of evening?  The temperature?  Have I been killing insects under my unwitting monkey feet my whole life?!
 And throughout all I could think about was wishing I had some eppies in my pocket so I could take some in to the dissecting microscope and see if they really do have shells inside.  Damn - next time.

Today turned awesome

First: got a piece of writing back with extensive critique, enough that it needs a complete rewrite - you have no idea how happy this makes me.  It means someone cared enough to put the time into reviewing it, it means I can improve, make changes, get better; I am so excited!

Second: I got emails from two people I love getting emails from.  I love emails!

Third:  I spent all afternoon in the fly room - setting up crosses, turning lines, observing phenotypes and then cleaning.  It is so easy to forget just how much one loves their work.  Also to [the person who knows who they are] this was real work.  I did work.  And it was awesome.  Computers suck.  Flies rule.  And you [mean person] can now shut up about the bloody work.

Fourth:  Trouble is getting shaved tomorrow.  Full shave - no poodle ears or fluffy tail, no wee beard or cuteness - just pure, naked, ratty poodle.  I can't wait - he will be cooler (temp wise), fit through the cat door easier (we are on our third one - he goes through so fast they crack) and be completely different.  He has always had the fluffy tail and ears, so it will be fun to see what he looks like under the sheepskin.

Awesome the Fifth:  I made my first harvest from my vege garden - some lettuce leaves which are going straight in tomorrows lunch.  I am just so proud!  It's like watching your children grow...and then eating them.
And finally, the Sixth: slugs!  TBC...

Science jokes. Brill.


You are hilarious.  Body odour?  Holy Water?  Vomit!  Yeah!

33 Days till Chrissie!

And last night my package arrived from ThinkGeek, I was so excited I danced a little jig and waited a full 5 mins before I opened it - just to draw out the excitement.

I can't even show you all the stuff, since some of it is present in nature, but look, even the box is awesome!
 Periodic element alphabet blocks! (Yeah, I'm stocking up for my future children already.  Or just for me - whichever :D)
 USB lights!  Eeeee!  Share the Chrissie love!
 These are quite possibly my fav - more alphabet blocks, only these are the 'Mad Scientist' ones - and so freaking detailed.  The instruction sheet is a hoot too, well worth the read.  "Do not feed." Oh, ok.

 And the USB lights in use today, excuse the horrifically messy desk, and squint to even see the lights in the day-bright room, I promise they look better in real life than on my camera.  Everybody is loving them! (and when I say 'everybody' - I mean 'me', honestly, it's like I live in a office of Grinch's.)
The rest is all secret secret stuff :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Christmas Pill

Cheers anyone up


Funnily enough, from an article about Rats, and 'candy' craving.  Go Science!
Christmas Cookies
So detailed you would have to be giving them as gifts and not just to your ungrateful lab for morning tea.  (Baking is for family, what does that say about the current state of affairs?!)

And for some Atheist Chrissie lovin', some absolutely brill cards, which I will be making (well, at least putting on the 'Make List'.  It's a step forward right?).  Mostly from here.

Santa Evo.


Evil Monkey.  Santa's cousin.

Lovely!  Now we just need some pure geekery science cards.  I'll do some searchin'.

Fire and Brimstone

Lets start the day with some beautiful Apple destruction, soothing my troubled soul...It's going to be one of those days.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awwww! You are such a cute dork!

Props to you Daniel, colour me impressed.

Want! Will Make!

Probably a bit better!
Rainbow DNA beaded earrings
Good old Richard, making pretty things. (I fully believe he is making them himself, by hand, with atheist love- the best kind.)

The Tree is Up

Finally - 15 days late. (1st of November - that's the rule).

Can't wait for the day when I can have a 6 foot, real tree. (Yes, yes, my camera is shitty).

And look - real plants in pots I can handle, my ferns are growing like weeds, whereas outside - my weeds are growing like weeds- and everything else is dying, including patches of my lawn.  Just thought you would like to know.

Science-Fools Gold

Some peeps (a freaking PhD student?!  Come on people!) have worked out how to change the colour of metal (at the mo - gold or aluminium) by carving micro-detail onto the surface to effect absorption of different wavelengths, check this:

"These patterns are smaller than the wavelength of visible light. Instead of causing the light to interfere, they work by changing the properties of the sea of electrons in the metal--in particular its resonant frequency. This alters the frequency of light it absorbs and reflects.

This is the same technique that researchers have been using for some time to build invisibility cloaks . The idea is that by carefully building repeating patterns of subwavelength structures, researchers can tailor the way a "metamaterial" can steer light."

'Gold' rings made of aluminium, here we come :D

Bah Humbug

Just kidding! Like I would ever be so anti-Chrissie.

Visual pressie for the day - sweet lego tree and decorations.  I want to make them, but alas - have no bricks to hand.
Build a Lego Christmas Tree with Powerpig
Build a Lego Ornament with Powerpig

Life is getting in the way of my life

Not nearly enough time in the day to do all the writing I want to do - and I have a list of things; will it get to the point that I hate the list and throw it out?  Because that would suck, but I'm starting on the hating 'cause I want to write them up but don't seem to find the time.

Well, there's the problem - 'find the time'.  Honestly.

Anyway - we all have tickets to the Harry Potter midnight screening tomorrow night and yesterday I finally got around to watching the trailer - it looks bloody good.  This will be the first time I have been to the movies since my movie buddy turned into a complete spatzoid retard, I think I am looking forward to it...

No, that's a lie - I definitely am.  HarryPotterHarryPotter!  And I love movies in general, it's been a long time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Delightfully grotesque

Wee porcelain dolls by Jessica Harrison.

Disgusting, beautiful.  Ha.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bits and bobbins

Anti-weekend, two exams on Saturday (the supervision of, not the taking) and then baking all of Sunday - Bacon and Egg pie, Sausage Roll, jam buns, tan slice, and afghans.  Picnic lunch for 12 people.  Fun.

So today is Lab Day 'o Fun - we are going up to Duntroon to hunt for fossils (yes, we are *that* epic) and I am excited.  Only, we were supposed to leave at 9, not 11 cause the boss has meetings so I have to wait...

I don't like waiting.

But, the food - used a cheaper relish in the b&e pie, turned a bit watery so the pastry is not as nice as it could be, and then I used the flatmates bread maker for the dough for the pink finger buns - should have risked the hand made dough instead, they rose very little and are quite hard.  A shit-load of jam and icing though, so they are not entirely inedible.  I doubled the caramel in the tan slice and the afghans are huge, so the picnic shouldn't be a complete loss.  Chopped up some carrot and celery sticks for dipping in hummus, pesto and cottage cheese too - never say I don't pack a fully rounded picnic lunch!  Massive eskie full of drinks and pie and ice and we are good to go - only waiting.


Its been pretty crazy lately - exam supervision and life.  Urgh.  Last exams this week and then its head down till the Genetics Otago Symposium and then the paper writing retreat in Auckland, and then Chrissie.  Thats another year gone.

Should I start the lament about how fast the year has run now?!  Much has happened...but perhaps I will save that slightly melancholy topic for closer to the new year (and my birthday - 100 seasons, christ!)

Quick pick-me-up with laughs from Ricky:

Friday, November 5, 2010

The best pumpkin carvings

You knew I'd love them:
drunk pumpkin throwing up
drunk pumpkin throwing up
Out the nose!
drunk pumpkin throwing up
drunk pumpkin throwing up
drunk pumpkin throwing up
Full stream here.

And for the epic-carving in general, go have a browse, it will make your lunch time magical.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I *love* props. This is cool.

The wall is screaming! Screaming!

Bad Things That Could Happen from This Is It on Vimeo.
Best part - mouse head split in two & death-twitching. Lovely. And the flies - flies!

Whoop! Slow-mo popcorn!

It's strangely beautiful:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scaryness and Halloween

We had the epic Halloween party on Saturday - you can never say this lot have grown up, the costumes were amazing. My favourite, of course, being Darwin and his Finch followed closely by The Fly *cough*.

Part potluck, part boozyness-to-the-moon, all pretty impressive.  We ended up with a massive amount of food (no one was really interested in eating much...), had an indoor bagpipes concert (my ears are still ringing - but gorgeous nonetheless), kitchen water fight and drunken-dialing to Ireland.

Good times.

The Internet has been awash with amazing costumes and Halloween foods - like these cupcakes:
cute food photos - Shards of Glass Cupcakes

And then the amazingness of costumes, transformers-that-transform:

Halloween is fun.